Magic Star Spread – The Situation Of Anne’s Uncle

22 Nov

My friend Anne is worried and concern about her uncle. He’s 82 years old and have been bedridden for the past 5 years.  4 days ago she had admitted him in hospital for breathing difficulties. Her aunt is still alive, they have 2 grown up children. The daughter and her family is living overseas while the son has his hand full with a cancer stricken wife. So Anne has been helping out.

Anne wants to know the situation of her uncle. I decided to do The Magic Star Spread using the Modiano-Gypsy Cartomacie (altered to my taste).

Question: Situation Of Anne’s Uncle

Card 1: Nature Of The Problem

The card Gift here denotes the question is about the gift of life. Gift card here is appropriate because its concerning a life considered precious.

2. Point Of Interest:

Looks like death is very near and soon. Time for detachment. The Death card here speaks of a warning.

3. Factors For Consideration:

An event that will bring some shock but it would at the same time bring respite to all parties concerned. This could speak about the ending of pain for her uncle as well as the unburdening for caregivers. With sadness comes relief.

4. Advice Or Comment:

It is advisable for taking stock of will and whatever monies of her uncle. The Money card here speaks of Beneficiaries.

5. End Result Or Outcome:

Adverse news are expected. Existential crisis within the family will be exacerbated causing quarrels, mental confusion and separation.

I Advise Anne that sad news is coming and when it happens she should warn the family to exercise great tolerance and respect towards one another otherwise the death of her uncle shall cause great family quarrels and squablings.

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