Grand Tableau (Lenormand) *House Interpretation and *Diagonal Interpretation Method – Whats Happening to Suzy’s Parents Relationship?

27 Nov

My friend Suzy had noticed some coldness between her parents lately. She wants to know whats happening to them.Her parents are in their late sixty’s.

With such question, I thought it best to do a Grand Tableau,  take it as a third party reading as if I’m doing the spread for her father.


Figure 1: Grand Tableau FOr Suzy's Father

I shall interpret the Grand Tableau  using house interpretation and Diagonal Interpretation method. Since the question is about important factors affecting the querant (Suzy’s Father), we’ll start from The Gentleman card first.

House Interpretation Method

The Gentleman Card is in the house of the moon. This means that emotions and matters of the heart are currently important in Suzy’s father life right now. The Moon card is in the house of The Woman. This means yes, there are some emotional matters concerning her parents, the moon can also mean hiding something from someone, creating an illusion. The Woman card is in the house of The Scythe. There is something the father wants to cut off from her mother.  Looks like he’s cut off his friendship and loyalty from her (The Scythe is in the house of The Dog). He’s been having communication with someone (Dog card in the house of The Letter)  that brings along a new twist in his life that he regard as a fortuitous event (Letter card in the house of The Clover).This relationship or communication is  stable, strong and well anchored (Clover in the house of The Anchor).

This intense communication causes misfortune (Anchor in the house of The Cross) and uncertainties, complications and obstacles (Cross in the house of The Clouds) towards his relationship with his wife. All this is concerned with his romantic affair (Cloud in the house of The Lily) with someone that he loves and where his heart is (Lily in the house of The Heart). Yes, he’s definitely passionately in love with another woman (Heart in the house of The Snake). Suzy’s mother has a rival! The Snake card in the house of The Birds and the Bird card being next to The Letter card confirms the fact that Suzy’s father is having very close bonding and always in communication with the other lady. Perhaps her father and mother don’t communicate well hence the closeness and bonding with the other lady. The Bird in the house of The Rider and The Rider in the house of The Man, confirms the energetic physical relationship between them…they are not only bonded as friends but as lovers too.

Lets go one step ahead and add all the cards involved in the house interpretation taking The Gentleman card as the Significator. So The Moon card (32) + The Woman(29) + The Scythe (10) + The Dog(18) + The Letter(27) + The Clover(2) + The Anchor (35) + The Cross(36) + The Clouds(6) + The Lily(30) + The Heart(24) + The Snake(7) + The Birds(12) + The Rider (1) = 269 = 2+6+9 = 17 (The Stork)

Card no 17 or The Stork is an important element here in the life of Suzy’s father. The stork card speaks of changes or beginning of a new cycle. There could also be a decisive existential renewal taking place within himself.

Diagonal Interpretation Method

Figure 2

Refering to Figure 2 above: 

Gentleman + Lily+ Child + Bouquet = These Diagonal cards in relation to the significator card speaks about Suzy’s father being having a satisfied contented affair with a younger lady. The younger woman is a nice lady that brings him plenty of happiness.

Incidently, if we look at the ring card to represent bondings and comitment, I will say that he’s truly committed to her in a secret relationship that brings great meaning in his life. Ring card surrounded by Child card, Book, Lily and Key card.

Above the Child card is The Heart card and diagonal to it is The Birch card. I must say he not only loves her, is committed to her and also sexually passionate about her!

We’ll, I must say that The relationship between Suzy’s parents must have been lacking in communications for a very long time and now there is already third party involvement whereby the husband finds great pleasure communicating, having great friendship, love and sexual passion with another woman who is much younger than him. Perhaps the reason why he’s not ask for a divorce and be with the younger lady is because the younger lady has another man as well. We can see this by using the knighting method of interpretation. See Figure 3 below.

Knighting Method From The Child Card

Figure 3

From Figure 3 above, its obvious that the younger woman has 2 man in her life. One is an older man that she’s having a beautiful loving relationship with (Heart + Bouquet +Bear). The Bear card here can denote Suzy’s father. And another younger man is someone she has a meaningful committed relationship with (Ring+Key+Dog). The Dog card here can refer to her husband or another lover.

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