Chita Lawrence Spread-Using Sibilla Il Vostro Destino -Outlook Of Kathy’s Relationship

05 Mar

Hi friends, its been quite a while since my last posting. Hope 2012 brings better prospect and happiness to all of us. I’ve been tied down with realities of everyday life. Distracted by my other hobbies and of course the capital “L” i.e. plain laziness to make a blog post. I’m never not reading the cards..I do it everyday without fail BUT to sit in front of the computer and type my thoughts regarding a certain spread is totally another matter. 😛

A close friend of mine Kathy, whose been married thrice has recently met a new man in her life. So for the past 6 months the relationship have intensified and probably soon enough they plan to get married. Kathy has been a long time friend of mine since school and have maintained the strong bond of friendship till today. A wonderful, kind lady! She’s a successful professional lady. So why has she been married 3 times? I notice my friend is easily taken in by romantic love. When she meets someone, she refuses to see the negative aspect of a person, acknowledge this not so good aspect and deal with it. She’d rather sweep it under the carpet and pretend that it does not exist. This criteria of friendship is not only with male friends but with anybody. Hence the reason why she’s always taken advantage of and victimized. We have often discuss this problem together but she says that she have a “Soft Heart”. I agree that she is one of the kindest sincere person I’ve met BUT to me there must always be balance in our character. This is to ensure that we do not abuse friendship neither do others abuse our friendship.

Kathy is 49 years old and her current beau is a 75 year old widower. She wants to know The Outlook and Situation Of Her Life With Him and What The Future Holds For Their Relationship? I decided to use the Chita Lawrence spread because I find this spread is spot on when it comes to analyzing Past, Present and Future situations. Sibilla cards is my favorite to use with this spread in matters of the heart.

The Outlook and Situation Of Her Life With Him and What The Future Holds For Their Relationship?


Past environment – Non emotional influence: Cards of Gift/Offering & Gain/Profit

How true! In the recent past she had a good business break and doing well financially (Gain/Profit) and in that business environment she met her current boyfriend (Gift/Offering). He happen to be a client of another colleague.

Past environment – Emotional influence:  Cards of Mourning &Theft

Yes, this 2 cards speaks about her divorce and how her ex husband took advantage of her financially. Swindled her money and emotionally bled her!

Past – Path Taken ( Under Emotional and Non Emotional  Influences): Cards of Love & Good Faith

Due to the non emotional and emotional factors she decided to forget her past pain and embark on a new love. She takes the new man in good faith and in my opinion “again” decide to be blinded by who he truly is. *I’ve counseled her regarding it, because it was hardly 3 months after splitting from her ex she decided to take up this new relationship. I felt that she should slow down and built a strong friendship first before proceeding to give her heart. But unfortunately she gave in to her loneliness 😦  Hopefully when the fog goes off she won’t be dissapointed.


Present environment – Non emotional influence: Cards of Enemy & Man Of Law

Kathy has to be careful. The people she mixes with now are of dubious character. Perhaps this has got something to do with her new business environment? The business she’s doing now is not as what she’s made out to believe.

Present environment – Emotional influence: Cards Of Lover/Sweetheart & Swindle/Cheat

Looks like “red flag” here! Kathy is being made to feel loved and special but in actuality she’s being conned again! Her 75 year old boyfriend is not being emotionally honest and upfront with her 😳

Consultants Subconscious mind/thoughts that influences actions/outlook: Card Of Severence/Rupture

Subconsciously Kathy fears that the present relationship will also end up like the rest. So deep within herself she know that this man is not good for her BUT like history repeating itself, she refuses to listen to her inner wisdom and rather push theses thoughts aside.

Consultants conscious mind – private thoughts motivating deeds: Card Of Message&Notice

She consciously want this relationship to move deeper, she has great hopes for it. She want to believe that this relationship will be different and bring happiness and positive changes to her life.

Subject or emotions discussed with people around consultant: Card Of Patronage

She looks up to him in high esteem. She is being led to believe that he will take charge of her life and her well being. Gosh, hope she won’t encounter another great fall 🙄


Future environment – Non emotional influence: Cards Of Fortune & Obstacles

I must say that in the future, a relationship with him will bring about fresh financial difficulty. There will be lots of argument about money and she will find difficulty in making her business grow.

Future environment – Emotional influence: Cards Of Dark Young Man & Vigilant

Emotionally, in the future Kathy will not feel at peace with him. This man does not behave like a 75 year old should. His countenance is that of a younger man with all its lust and folly 😦  She will find that she cannot fully trust him and she will soon know that she cannot just accept whatever he wants her to accept. Its going to be difficult for her to fully let herself go with him because he is not reliable and not trustworthy 😯

Future – Path Taken ( Under Emotional and Non Emotional  Influences): Cards Of Successful Business & Intrigue/Scheme

Looks like Marriage with this man will likely bring her downfall. Like her other 3 marriages before this, She will suffer the same fate of financial loss, emotional hurt and messed up life.

My advice for her would be to not get into marriage with this man. BUT of course I shall not say it directly to her for fear that it would break our friendship. I’ll find a subtle way to put it to her. From experience I find that matters of the heart is most difficult to give advice…that is why its best that people should not take intimate partnership lightly. They should weigh all aspects of a relationship carefully before deciding to commit. Otherwise, once entangled, its going to be very difficult to disengage from an unproductive and worthless relationship.

PS: I made another reading with the same question using another divinatory system. Please click here.

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