Using Grand Tableau(Lenormand)-Outlook Of Kathy’s Relationship

07 Mar

Jus for added insights and for comparative purposes I would normally analyse a situation or query using several different divinatory methods. likewise for my good friend Kathy’s query I would like to show you the benefit of trying out another system.

The initial reading can be found here.

The Outlook and Situation Of Kathy’s Life With Current Beau and

What The Future Holds For Their Relationship?

 Looking at the overall picture of the Grand Tableau I can say that Kathy is very much thinking about personal matters (Lady card in the house of The House).  The picture below will give a clearer picture of her situation.
 The combination of Serpent card and Tree card points to her career as a medical doctor. She had better watch out because the Fox card is between the Gentleman card and the House card. It shows here this new man in her life is not that honest and upfront with her. She’d better watch out because there is delusion going on in her personal life right now!

I shall make the House card the card of focus because the Kathy’s card (The Lady card) sits in the house of the House card. Please refer to image 3 below.

Image 3

Using the method of “realignment” from the Grand Tableau (Image 3), we get this combination i.e.:

  1. Dog+Horseman+Fox+Fish– we can see that A change (Horseman) is coming to her personal life or home (House card) brought about by a close man friend (Dog) who has ulterior deceitful (Fox) motives regarding money (Fish)!
  2. Clover+House+Lady- Her (Lady) happiness (House) for now is short lived (Clover). Kathy must not be taken in by this personal happiness she is feeling in the relationship with her boyfriend. It is not real and she will regret it later.
  3. Tree+House+Clouds– Her home or personal life shall be inflicted by illness (Not necessarily health related-could be mental illness or emotional troubles etc) due to ambiguity, uncertainty and clouded matters 😦

Using the method of counting, some more information can be gleamed regarding her current situation. Please refer to Image 4 below:

Image 4

Starting from the Lady card (refer to the Grand Tableau above), every 5th card is taken. Yes, here we can see that she is making a decision (Crossroad) regarding a matter that has many facts still hidden from her/something she cannot see now (Book+Tower). This decision of hers would be made public soon (Garden+Horseman). It is a matter regarding the heart (Marriage anouncement). Unfortunately what is hidden is that this matter of the heart(heart) is closely related to money (Fish). She is loved for financial reasons.


I must say this reading gives the same outcome as the previous one. Its amazing how the cards speak. Different system BUT similar results. Kathy must be wary of this 75 year old man. I spoke to her about it in a gentle manner…her reply was,
What can a 75 year old man do?  What can I say? I shall not argue with her. Love is blind OR People who fall in love knowingly wants to be BLIND…Nevertheless, as her best friend I will always be there for her when the rain comes down…….
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