Grand Tableau(Lenormand)-Mimi’s Relationship With Her Husband

09 Mar

An old friend came over for tea yesterday. We chatted and invariably the topic touch on some personal private matters. Mimi is in her sixtes. Careerwise she’s an accomplished professional lady. She looks happy enough to me but according to her she feels there is something that is not quite right between her husband and her. Her husband is nice to her, treats her well but she can feel something simmering yet she can’t point her finger to whats gnawing inside her.

She requested for a reading. I cautioned her that perhaps its best to just let it go and let things unfold. Being the pragmatic lady that she is, Mimi is not easily dissuaded. For her, its always best to know something upfront so that she can stay on top of matters. She wants to be able to plan ahead or find solutions. According to her, over the years, my insights with the cards have helped her see things clearly. Of course she doesn’t want to impose it on me if I’m not up to it. Nevertheless, I’m always willing to help out a friend.

I decided to do a reading on her husband instead of her. Why? Because in my opinion sometimes its good to see things from the other persons angle, especially in an intimate relationship. Then we can learn his thoughts, things happening to him, his perception etc. As we know, no 2 people think alike nor do they see the same thing in the same light and understanding. Mimi could be contented with her  relationship with her husband or her life but her husband could feel differently.

My favorite to sees an overall picture of situation is definitely the Grand Tableau Spread using The Lenormand card..always..always insightful and to the point!

Mimi’s Relationship With Her Husband

The Gentleman Card represents her husband and The Lady card represents her. Card reading needs patience and concentration. One look at the cards, newbies would jump to the conclusion that Mimi’s husband is thinking of her in a loving way (Lady card above Gentleman card with the love card next to the Lady card)..but hold your horses, its very important that we look at the bigger picture and analyze all surrounding cards.


Looking at the Grand Tableau figure above, Lets follow the red arrows – The husband is thinking of Mimi but not in a loving manner because next to the Heart card  is the Ship and beneath the heart is the Cloud card. Next to the Ship is the Anchor card. The husband’s heart is strongly anchored away from her. The cloud card is beneath the Heart and next to the Gentleman card. This denotes that there is deception in their relationship regarding matters of the heart.

Looking closely at the Heart card so  that we can analyze the condition of his love life, I use the Figure below.

The FIgure above will let us look at the situation of his “Heart” better. Using the technique of realignment, I manage to let the heart be the focus of this 3X3 card spread. Card House+Heart+Gentleman and Cards Lily+Heart+Letter indicates that the husband is truly at home with his love, he is happy and contented with his current love life. He finds Peace and contentment in a  loving communication with someone. Mimi doesn’t know about this. When we knight Mimi’s card we get a combination of the Lady card + The letter card, in between it is the Cloud+Gentleman, this shows that Mimi is unaware of this secret liaison of her husbands.

Going back and looking at the Grand Tableau image, Lets look further, beneath the Gentleman card is the Sun card. He’s happy about something, lets see, next to the Sun is the Dog and the Stork followed by the Snake..Hmm…he’s happy about a friendship (Dog) with a lady (Snake)  that brings him good changes and happiness (Stork). Aha, thats why the Cloud card is there right beneath the Heart linking him and Mimi. We can also see that the other lady is a much younger woman than him (The child card beneath the Snake and and the Bird card next to it denoting a couple).

Now lets confirm by another method wether he has a new loving relationship with another lady. Figure 3 below will show us.

Figure 3

Looking at Figure 3 above: By using Diagonal method we can see clearly (Heart+Letter+Snake+Bird) that Mimi’s husband does have a loving relationship with another lady and they have good communications with each other.

Back to the Main Grand Tableau , Beneath the Sun card is the Lily followed by the Horseman next to it. Looks like Mimi’s husband is having a late in life romantic sexual relationship with another lady. Yes, this relationship with the other lady is very meaningful to him and a solid one, it touches him personally and emotionally. Why? Because we can see here that the Sun+Lily+Horseman are all moving towards the House card (House not only denote physical home but often it denotes a home deep within a person. This has got to do with personal, private matters giving the person a feeling of safety, warmth and strength).


The ring would be another important card to study in matters of the heart because it will give us insights about the commitment aspect of the couple. Rapport, bondings and Commitment can all be gleamed from the Ring card and its surrounding.

Lets follow the yellow colored arrow. 

Using the method of Knighting, I get the combination of :

Ring+Book, Ring+Scythe, Ring+Tree: Obviously a long relationship (Ring+Tree) denoting Mimi’s marriage of >45years is now being badly threatened (Ring+Scythe) by a Secret relationship(Ring+Book)

Now, lets look at Figure 4 below to get a better view of whats surrounding their relationship.

Figure 4

The marriage between Mimi and her husband doesn’t look good. Yes, there is definitely deceit going on here in their marriage (Ring+Fox), There is coldness and stubbornness between husband and wife (Ring+Mountain). Its a painful union for the husband (Ring + Cross) and to him the marriage is “dead” (Ring+Coffin). The key or reason to this “Dead” marriage is as stated earlier due to coldness (Mountain card above the Key card) and also due to a wealthy, aesthetically beautiful and intelligent(Fish card) woman, could be a businesswoman because the tower is next to the Fish card.

*You might ask don’t fish denote money and wealth? or Couldn’t the fish here denote probles in finances or troubles in financial management be one of the course of this crumbling marriage? I come to the conclusion that the fish denotes an individual because (1) fish can refer to a wealthy, aesthetically beautiful and intelligent person, someone sure of himself/herself, practical and constructive (2)Looking at combinations of the fish card gives: Fish+Heart, Fish+Ring, Fish+Horseman, Fish+Moon, Fish+Coffin, Fish+Clover AND Diagonally Fish+Scythe+Tree+Bird denotes The Fish person has caused a sudden break of a couple.

CONCLUSION: In my opinion, Mimi’s marriage is in deep trouble. This type of marriage can go on till the end but is empty and void of emotions and pleasure. It will be quite difficult for Mimi to make her husband end the relationship with the other lady, looks like he’d rather end his marriage than to let go of his gal.

Since he’s so  deeply committed to the other lady and in love with her Why is he not “legally” with her? Well looking again at the Grand Tableau, diagonally to the left of the snake card we see the Bear card..looks like there is another man in her life too…. 

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