Part 1: Gypsy Cards(Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten) – Thoughts of Nancy’s Husband Regarding Their Marriage

21 Jul

Hi Friends. My girlfriend Nancy had long felt her husband withdrawing from her. This have been going on for a few years. She couldn’t exactly pinpoint the reason for this subtle difference because in all other aspects he appeared normal. Nothing has changed visibly..BUT deep in her heart she somehow felt something is not right…A women’s intuition you might say 😉 .

Nancy would like to know her husbands thoughts on their marriage and what can happen? I decided to use the   Gipsy Cards(Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten). I find these cards interesting and accurate when trying to access the nature or environment of a given situation. The Subject Concerned Spread was chose because it its able to give a feel of the current situation and how the situation can evolve. In addition it gives us pointers to what is dominating the subject situation. Finally a conclusion is given whereby it gives us further understanding for whatever steps we want to do regarding the subject of concerned.

Thoughts of Nancy’s Husband Regarding Their Marriage

The Subject Concerned Spread – Thoughts of Nancy’s husband Regarding Their Marriage

Present Situation:

The cards Judge + Baby + Desire – Obviously, this answers the fact why Nancy’s husband is withdrawing from her. He is making some important decisions(Judge Card) regarding a new relationship(Baby Card) that he finds desirable(Desire Card). The Baby card here speaks about something new or someone younger or both. Desire being the card after the baby card can be interpreted that the object of his desire is not easily available to him. In relationships it can also indicate a highly emotional longing for the loved one and lonely day dreaming. Could the object of his desire be far away or could it be a Love Triangle sort of relationship? Perhaps she’s married? For this, another spread or perhaps another form of divination can be done.

I must say that the object of his affection and love is not easily within reach hence the reason why Nancy finds it difficult to look for hard evidence of infidility.

Possible Evolution:

Cards Malady + Message – He’s continued longing and deep desire for his object of affection makes him withdrawn and feeling himself a victim of circumstances and he feels helpless. He is struggling internally with a situation that is keeping him stuck. I must say that if he has his way he would want to be with the other lady but he’s unable to do so. This makes him sad and withdrawn. This kind of feelings make him withdrawn and unable to communicate much with Nancy.

He certainly has lost interest in Nancy and their marriage.

What Dominates:

Card Anger – There is feelings of anger in this marriage. Nancy’s husband is obviously unhappy with Nancy. Plenty of resentment here. This kind of resentment and anger has been building over a long time..perhaps he has not been happy in their 42 years of marriage and this marriage obviously lack communication!

In a marriage its very important to have the channel of communication always open whereby husband and wife is able to voice each others unhappiness, and that great concern is being given to make sure that each spouse respects the desire of making each other comfortable and happy. No relationship can survive an unbalanced state.

When asked, Nancy seems happy with her husband, she mentions him to be kind and loving supportive husband…so obviously, Nancy does not reciprocate to her husband in a similar manner.

The Conclusion:

The Thought card here indicate that the husband is deep in thoughts about his dissatisfaction in their marriage. He is emotionally unavailable to her. Perhaps he is deliberating and making plans to win the object of his affection and trying to move his new relationship forward.

Looking at the cards, I must say that Nancy could still have a glimmer of hope in trying to save her marriage as long as the husbands lady love is not within his grasp. If this dynamic changes…all can be lost.. 😥 ..


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