Part 2: Overall View Of Nancy’s Husband Thoughts/Feelings/Situation On His Marriage & Love-Lenormand Grand Tableau

22 Jul

Based on yesterdays spread (Part 1) here, I find the situation intriguing. How can Nancy not realize that something was amiss in her marriage? Perhaps its her insensitivity to her husbands need? Why is the husband still showing a normal routine at home (albeit it some emotional distance at home…everything else seems normal)? Why has he not ask for a divorce yet?

In order to glean more information regarding the situation, I decided to do a Grand Tableau and read more regarding Nancy’s Husband Thoughts On His Marriage & Love Life.

Figure 1- Grand Tableau On Nancy’s Husband

With reference to the above Grand Tableau, The images below would explain whats going on in the private life of Nancy’s husband regarding their marriage and his love life. Why did a I do a Grand Tableau on Nancy’s husband and not Nancy? Because by Studying the Grand Tableau of her husband, we can find out unseen factors influencing her husband as well as playing a pivotal role in their relationship.

Figure 2

Figure 2- Reflection Method Of Grand Tableau

Starting with the Gentleman card, using the method of reflection – (Gentleman+Child+House+Heart) – we can see that Nancy’s Husband has fallen in love with a younger woman. He is very much at home with her and bonded emotionally close.

Figure 3

Figure 3 – Method of Knighting

Using the Knighting Method –  The combinations are – Gentleman+Fox+Lily+Key:

Looks like Nancy’s husband is having a highly satisfactory sexual relationship in an affair. He’s found great happiness (key) in this affair (Lily). The relationship is an intrigue relationship (Fox) and shrouded in secrecy (Book next to Fox cad)because there is other partners involved (Birds card below the Fox card).

Figure 4

Figure 4 – Knighting Method Using “Heart Card” As Anchor

Lets focus at the Heart Card to know the situation of Nancy’s husbands Love life. Using Knighting, we get these combinations: Heart+Ring+Snake+Fox+Mountain. This relationship with the other lady or Nancy’s rival (Snake) is a strong one. He not only loves her (Heart) but is committed to her (Ring). Nevertheless, this intriguing relationship (Fox) is not a smooth one for him. There is a major obstacle (Mountain). This obstacle is in the form of another man, a younger man compared to Nancy’s husband (Dog next to the Fox). This man (Dog) and Nancy’s husbands lover (Snake) is having a wonderful happy relationship (Sun).

Figure 5

Figure 5 – Ring Card as the Focus

Lets study the situation of Nancy’s Marriage using her husbands Grand Tableau:

There is plenty of conflict and disagreements (Rod). Poor communication, in fact communication is almost dead (Letter+Ring+Coffin) and coldness in the marriage (Mountain). Husband and wife is emotionally detached (House+Ring+Mountain). Something pleasant and nice in his life is causing the marriage to become uncertain and confusing (Bouquet+Ring+Cloud).

Figure 6

Figure 6 – The Ring card as a 5 card spread from the Grand Tableau

From these 5 cards taken from the Grand Tableau, we can see that the presence of this new found love in the life of Nancy’s husband has brought a great deal of sadness and pain to the relationship between Nancy and her husband (Snake+Cross+Ring). With the Cross card here it looks like this situation is fated and won’t be easily eradicated from their marriage. The presence of a 3rd party is causing a lot of conflict and fights and slowly eating through the foundations of the marriage.

From here, I must say that the relationship between Nancy’s husband and the other lady has been going on for some time (Cross card next to the Snake card can also denote a soulmate relationship with the snake). The ongoing and longstanding relationship with the other lady is eroding the marriage slowly but surely (Mice).

Part 3 will let us compare further Nancy’s husbands thoughts about their marriage as compared to his thoughts about his relationship with the other Lady. Click her for Part 3


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