Part 4: Will This Affair Last Long? – Mystiches Kipperkarten-Answer Spread

24 Jul

Remember my friend Nancy here? After the initial shock at finding out about the reality of her marriage, before  she decides on the next course of action she wants to know if  her husbands relationship with the new lady is just a fling or is he into her for the long haul?

Question:Will This Affair Last Long?

Answer Spread – Mystiche Kipperkarten

Column 1 : Indicate past influences, or the premise of the question:

How true! these cards shows Nancy’s query. It indicates here desire to know (Expectation Card) whether this problem plaguing their marriage is of short duration (Short Illness Card).

Column 2: Indicate present influences, and answers the question:

Looks like this affair is a serious one and its end is not in sight! The combination of (One’s thoughts Card+Troubled Thoughts Card) is a sure sign that The husbands plans and thoughts/desires for the other lady is no superficial short term lust..their relationship is deep very deep and sure as hell will cause great emotional turmoil for Nancy   😦 .

Column 3:Indicate future influences, or contributing factors:

This column will allow us to have a peek at the underlaying contributing factors regarding the Answer being given by this spread. Living Room Card being the pivotal card here indicates the intimacy and bond of the relationship between the husband and the other lady. The Lady has occupied his inner life and he is very much at ease with her. There is a level of friendship,lust and a sense of camaraderie. Together with the House Card which stands for stability, security and strength, it further strengthens the Living Room Card…..Wow…its going to take a lot for this kind of bond to be broken 😕 . Maybe never to be broken till death or if the other Lady decides to call it off?

Conclusion: My advice to Nancy is if she wants to still try keep her marriage, she  should keep her cool and hope that the other lady pulls off the plug! Or She files for divorce. Looking at theses cards, there is no way the husband will end this relationship on his own accord 😥 .

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