Part 6: Advice For Nancy – Using King Solomon Card

30 Jul

I had a call from Nancy last Saturday. She was not having an easy time. She confronted her husband ..of course he denied it. Several times she broke down while relating the situation of the past week. I did my best to offer her a shoulder to cry on. I felt so helpless and truly empathize with her. Much that she is distraught about the whole situation, Nancy was not about to give up on her 40years of marriage just like that. She wants to know if theres a chance to salvage her marriage and how to go about it. I invited her over to do a card reading.

Yesterday, over tea and some homemade cookies, I did a 5 card reading with the King Solomon Cards. I truly like the King Solomon cards whenever there is advise to be seeked.  The cards were laid following the Hebrew language read from Right to Left.

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Question: What can Nancy do regarding her situation?

King Solomon Card Spread – Advice For Nancy

Source Of The Problem or Situation – Card number 9 (Learning – studies – lessons learned):

This card shows that her troubles happened as a wake up call for her. It is an experience to let her know about the importance of awareness and sensitivity. This card here could also denote a person. Could it be that the other lady was at one time a student of her husband? This card could refer to the husband being a teacher to the other lady? (A long time ago, Nancy’s husband was a University Professor) . If this is true, it means they must have met again and the relationship blossomed into a romantic one. This kind of relationship can flourish because there is history of friendship and kinship together. Its not like meeting a stranger whereby it takes longer to reach a certain level of comfort.

Challenges Ahead – Card number 12 (Control – authority):

This situation would be very challenging for Nancy. The relationship has taken a life of its own. Its solid and strong and has taken roots. Look at the plants floating strongly with its roots intact. Looking at the watering cans, we can say that the relationship has been well nourished and its still being nourished and tended to. It won’t be easy for Nancy to stop it or control it.

What TO Do (Advice Card) – Card number 22 (Magical influences – spells – evil eye):

It seems, there is no real solution to this problem. Whatever is being done by Nancy there will be lack of success. If we believe in magic and witchcraft (according to the creator of this cards, the number 22 card denotes a situation where an evil eye had been cast and that only magic and spells from someone proficient in the arts can help salvage Nancy’s situation). For me, I would rather interpret this situation as that Nancy’s husband has been enchanted by the Lady and that due to compatibility etc, the relationship between Nancy’s husband and the other lady is so magical to him and no way is he willing to let it go.

In order to clarify further on what else can be done for Nancy, I took out another card and combined it with the card from the bottom of the pile.

Additional Cards: Card number 2 (Livelihood – work – career – money-accumulating wealth) is combined with card number 7(Fertility, children, family)

Although the situation looks bleak and the cards suggest that Nancy seek help from spiritual/witchcraft or prayers, nevertheless, Card number 2 emphasizes on the need for Nancy to should work hard at trying to work things out in her marriage. She must invest more feelings, love and affection towards her husband. While card number 7 suggest that Nancy should learn to collaborate more with her husband and not be too individualistic and emotionally detached from him. She must try to rebuild a good loving relationship with him and not only expect to receive from him. No relationship can thrive when it is one sided…there must be mutual give and take for it to be sustainable.


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