Will His Contract Be Extended? – Using 3 different Card divinations (Tarot d’Eltynne, Gypsy Cards and Lenormand)

02 Aug

My Aunty would like to know if  my Uncle’s contract shall be renewed. Its a high level position in a Government linked organization. For comparison purposes and to get more information, I decided to use 3 different system.

These cards are amazing with how consistent the message you get even when different divination system is employed. When used creatively together, you’ll be amazed by how much insight you can get from these systems.

I like to start with the Lenormand Cards because it gives straight forward answer and gives us a generalized view of the situation.


Figure 1: Lenormand 5 Cards Draw

 Lenormand – 5 Cards Draw:

True to the question asked, the middle card speaks about a much awaited  letter. Fish and Stork card denotes changes in a well paid job. Yes, the first 3 cards reflects my Aunty’s concern regarding my Uncle’s contract. The fox card next to the heart and letter could indicate someone is trying to use trickery and maneuver the job away from him. The heart card at the end could indicate this foxy person could be someone he trust and he is being betrayed by this sly person (back stabbing). The Heart card here can also indicate that my Uncle can get his contract extended if he put his heart to it (indicating his interest to the Government about wanting his contract renewed) despite someone being sly and wanting the job.


Figure 2: Gypsy Card – Answer Spread

Past Influences or Premise of the Question:(Fortune card + Judge card) 

A decision (Judge Card) is being made regarding my Uncle’s contract involving a good amount of money and prestige (Fortune Card). 

Present Influences and Answers The Question: (Officer Card + Sadness Card)

Looks like the Government (Officer Card) shall not  be renewing my Uncles contract (Sadness). 

Future Influences or Contributing Factors: (Fidelity Card + Journey Card)

The Journey Card here is the pivotal card, it can indicate that my Uncle himself is not really motivated to want to continue in this organization. Perhaps he wants to do some other thing and is not lobbying for the contract to be extended. Topped by the Fidelity Card shows that his focus and aspiration is no more with the organization.


Figure 3: Tarot d’Eltynne – Eltynne Spread

Tarot d’Eltynne cards are excellent when we want to know the relevant factors coming to play in a situation. It allows us a better detailed view of the situation. The normal Tarot cards allows us to peek at the emotions and psychology present in a situation BUT the Tarot d’Eltynne is different in that it gives us the essence of the problem or facts of the situation. In this situation, there are two forces at play here. Each being depicted by 2 groups of Cards. Namely Group 1 (Cards 1/2 and 3) and Group 2 (Cards 4/5 and 6).

Group 1 – Cards 1,2 and 3 (Home Card + Negotiation Card + Nastiness Card):

These group of cards lets us know that negotiations are still being carried out (Negotiation Card). As of today, no decision has yet been made BUT looks like someone close to my Uncle (Home Card) is backstabbing him and using unfair means to unseat him from the position (Nastiness Card).

Group 2 – Cards 4,5 and 6 (Heritage Cards + Raising Card + Love Card):

Cards 4,5 and 6 is speaking about my Uncles passion and love for the organization (Love Card). This passion for his work  together with his skills, expertise and vast experience (Inheritance Card) have helped build the Organization to where it is today (Raising Card).

Synthesis Card – (Inconstancy Card):

The Inconstancy Card here can indicate that no decision has yet been made as of today. Tough ongoing lobbying by 3rd party is taking place because someone has his eyes on this high profile job!


Form all Three system it can be said that over the years My Uncle has done a terrific job by building the organization to where it stand today. Nevertheless someone or a group of people with vested interest are eyeing this post. This 3rd party is someone close to him in the organization. It could even be a group of people who are impatient to rise up the corporate ladder so the faster anyone above is removed, the faster the people below will be promoted up!

Fierce negotiation and lobbying is going on because it is not easy to remove someone with excellent track record. Looks like if my Uncle is interested enough to want to continue in his post, he can lobby and put in a word or indicate his interest to want to continue and the contract shall be renewed despite 3rd party interference. Nevertheless, my Aunty shall be saddened by news that my Uncles contract is not renewed because my Uncle himself is no more interested in wanting to continue his post. Looks like he wants to move on and do some other things.

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