Consultant’s Secret Disclosed During A Reading! – Using The Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards

16 Aug

Hi friends, I’d like to share a reading I did for Susan yesterday, my cousins friend. Susan wants to know how does her boyfriend feel for her. This is the first time I met Susan. A Beautiful, well educated lady.  She’s rather quiet and reserved and did not disclose much to me. In cases like this I would normally use The Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards. These cards are amazing and accurate “spot on” if we have very little info to begin with.

The method to read with these cards can be found here.

Question: ( Susan’s Boyfriend Feelings For Her)

Card 1 (5) : FIREWOOD  
Position 3  :    <- — -A minor illness.
Card 2 (9): BOUQUET
Position 3  :   < —– Fulfillment of a hope.
Card 3 (12) : BIRDS  
Position 3:     <——You expect someone not to fulfill a promise and you will be right.
Card 4 (38) : LADY    
Position 2 :<——The helping hand is given to you not in friend- ship but due to hidden love.


The last card is very important as it generally consolidates the meanings for the entire reading.  I read for each picture the meaning for the position it lies in. It shows us what the situation is at present.

Left Picture  –   DEMONS (47)
Position 1 : Do not listen to cunning whisperings wishing to hurt you.
Top Picture – Bread (50)
Position 2. Profit and happiness in the house, success in business affair
Right Picture – Boy (13)
Position 4 : An unexpected meeting or a date.
Bottom Picture – Rooster (48)
Position 2 : Heart-to-heart sharing of news.

Interpretation Of Reading:

Part 1 – Using the 4 Cards:

Susan’s boyfriend misses her physically and is lovesick over her (Firewood Card ). Why? Are there problems that is preventing them meeting up physically with each other? He truly values her presence in his life and desires her very much because she fulfills whatever hopes, desires and dreams he has of an intimate partner and friendship (Bouquet Card). He is very happy with her..Susan has no worries, this man is besotted with her and loves her more than she feels. Much of his love is hidden. Why? Is it because he cant show it all to her due to shyness or  is this love forbidden? (Lady Card). NEVERTHELESS he is somewhat insecure about her love and feelings for him. He is unsure whether she will want to be with him and fully be committed to him (Birds Card ).

Part 2 (Conclusion) – Using the Last Card:

From this last card, I conclude that Susan is having a secret love affair that can have grave consequences and hurt other people (Demon Card) + (Boy Card). Either she is married or her boyfriend is married or both of them are already committed with other people. From the 4 cards, it shows the boyfriend is sure of her as a desirable partner but is unsure of her commitment to him, so I gather he is ready to commit to her. If he’s married, he is willing to leave his marriage so whats stopping them? Perhaps its Susan who is married and not willing to let go of her marriage? Why? Maybe she and her husband is doing very well in their business added with the fact that she finds her marriage tolerable (Bread Card). This love relationship shared between Susan and her boyfriend is not only and intimate one but they share a strong bond of friendship. They communicate about their daily life and also share intimate private personal information with each other (Rooster Card).

NOTE: When I conveyed to Susan my interpretation..she was shocked at the accuracy of my reading. I wasn’t told by her or my cousin that she is married. She confess to me that its true she’s been having an affair with a married man. When she started the affair 12 years ago, she was having problems with her marriage and was considering divorce. Somehow, with time, the relationship between her and her husband improved tremendously but yet she cant let go of her boyfriend because their relationship flourished both physically and emotionally…it grew stronger….they feel so right for each other… At this moment..divorce for Susan is out of the question because she’s comfortable, things are fine at home emotionally and financially they (Susan and husband) are solid. She has no reason to leave her marriage. A case of she loves her husband BUT not in love with him…. I must say this lady is unlike most women, she is not very emotional, she can compartmentalize her relationships…

Later, that day, my cousin called me and was amazed by what Susan told her. She says to Susan that its hard to keep secrets from me….Thanks to  my fantastic Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards! Please give it a’ll be blown away by its accuracy!

PS: When I have some time. I’ll  post another 2 readings I did for Susan yesterday. The questions were:

1] How Does Susan’s Boyfriend Feel For His Wife?

2] The Situation Of Her Boyfriend (What is he facing now?).

Sorry about this, I’m unable to post these readings as promised because I’ve lost the layouts, probably deleted it by mistake 😳

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