Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards – Method Of Reading

16 Aug

I love these cards….Easy to read and is accurate. I would like to share the method of how this card is read. I got this from the Book that comes with the cards. Written by Svetlana Alexandrovna Touchkoff.

Regarding the explanation of the symbols of the card in this book I find the important part of interpreting the cards is knowing the keywords of the meaning in its different position. In my opinion, the long explanation given for every symbol is not that great and can be rather long winded and confusing. Its better to read intuitively and adapt it to the situation and question asked during a reading.

How to Do A Reading

1. Find a flat surface, at least 20 by 20 inches (51 by 51 cm). This can be a table, bed, floor, or the like.

2. Take the cards in your right hand, face up, and shuffle them into your left hand, toward your heart. Do this five to ten times to clear the deck.

3. Concentrate on what you want the cards to tell you. Either ask a question or go over the areas you want information on, such as love, money, health, success at a project, travel, what the future will bring. As you are concentrating, shuffle the cards again from right hand to left seven times. Have someone count the number of shuffles, or do it yourself. Stop after the seventh shuffle and hold the cards in your left hand without moving them about any further.

4. With your right hand, pick up the deck and place the cards on

the table face down. With your left hand, cut the cards once toward you.

5. Once again pick up the cards with your right hand and place the deck in the palm of your left hand. Make sure you don’t turn the cards any further as it can affect the reading of the last card.

6. Using your right hand, start laying the cards out. Take the top card and, turning it over, place it on the table right side up. Repeat with four more cards, placing each to the right of the last card.

7. You will have a row of five cards. See if any two adjoining cards will form a complete picture if rotated. (See figure l.) Rotate these cards to form the picture and push all five cards toward each other so they are touching.

8. Starting on the left again, lay five more cards under the first row. (See figure Z.) You can now turn each card in any direction to form a picture. However, don’t switch places of cards. They can only be rotated in place. Continue laying the cards out until you have five rows of five cards each. Pay particular attention to the last card, not moving it unless a picture matches another card.

l usually lay the cards out slowly, one card at a time, and try to find the matching pictures as l go along. Then at the end, I double check by looking for my favorite pictures or the pictures that would answer my question, Any pictures missed are usually spotted at this time.

9. Starting with the first row, if you have a matching picture, turn to the book and read the meaning for the picture. The picture can lie in any one of four positions:

Position l-The arrow by the number on the picture points downward toward you.

Position 2-The arrow by the number points to the right.

Position 3-The arrow by the number points to the left.

Position 4-The arrow by the number points upward, away from you.

Read the meaning for the position in which the picture lies. Also read the general meaning of the picture and the more detailed information for the position it is in.

10. Continue reading the meaning for each picture that comes up as you go from the top left of the layout to the bottom right. lf a card forms a picture in one position, and would form another picture with another adjoining card if you rotated it, then do readings for both pictures. Do the first one, then move the card so that you can get the second picture.

11. The last card you laid down is very important as it generally consolidates the meanings for the entire reading. Read the meanings for all four pictures represented on the card, whether or not any of the pictures is completed by an adjoining card. If a picture is completed by an adjoining card, read it first. Then proceed to read the meaning for the uncompleted pictures. For each picture read the meaning for the position it lies in. This shows you what the situation is right now, Then read the meaning for the picture in position l. This shows you what the outcome of the situation will be. You may prefer to read only the meaning for position l.

Most of the outcomes will be positive; however, a few pictures such as the HEARSE, MOUNTAINS, SCYTHE, and SNAKE warn you of danger when they are in position l. Should you get one of these pictures on your last card, then you know that they forewarn you of serious danger. Examine negative things that you are doing in your life and try to change them. Remember, you are the pilot of your life; your action or inaction will determine what happens to you.

*(Excerpts from book Written by Svetlana Alexandrovna Touchkoff)

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