Birthday Draw 2012 -The Fal-e Hafez Omen Cards

08 Oct

Hi Friends, Today is my birthday so I’ve decided to do a 3 card draw using the “The Fal-e Hafez Omen Cards”. The 4 th card is drawn from the bottom of the pack. This card is used as a key card to tie up the reading from the other cards. I hope to learn what this year brings and what would be the oracle’s advise to me. Areas in my life that I have to be wary of and areas I have to strengthen.

The Fal-e Hafez Omen Cards are of Persian origin. People who are familiar with Tarot cards will immediately relate to the fall-e-Hafez, or the practise of divination using the poetry of this famous Sufi mystic (Hafez Shiraz). Its a bit like I-Ching. 

I have the set with the English translation. This set includes a helpful interpretation of the “omen” at the bottom of each card. The omens themselves are all different, but the pictures on the backs of the cards do repeat.

Below is how the Oracle box looks like:

Front Of Oracle Box

Back Of Oracle Box

My 3 +1 Card Birthday Draw

CARD 1 (The Message or poem written at the back of Card 1):-

CARD 2 (The Message or poem written at the back of Card 2):-

CARD 3 (The Message or poem written at the back of Card 3):-

CARD 4 (The Message or poem written at the back of Card 4):-

Interpretation Of The Cards:

Things are looking well for me in the coming year. I must not be too concerned with petty things and not be too bothered with superfluous and superficial things that are not important. How true, I’m a perfectionist and sometimes overly systematic and this do take away the many pleasures of life…must learn to be a bit laid back I suppose 😆

People are not actualy what they appear to be especially when business or money is concerned.. I too must be more patient and not get myself embroiled with arguments and misunderstanding. I must not oblige or force myself to do things that I don’t feel like doing or that I cannot do well and aim at doing what I’m good at! Whatever I do, my intentions must be pure and that I must always do whats right and seek the truth….

I’m asked to keep on being careful with other people and to be wary to those that I confide in. Looks like I will have help when I need it most..thats a relief   😉

Yes, I should continue in my current path of keeping a low profile and not let others become green eyed monster :mrgreen: Because this can have grave consequences for my well being.

Finally, the gist of this birthday reading is that, I should be less cerebral and practice using more of my emotions and feelings…Gosh how true! Wisdom of the minds is good BUT its not everything…sometimes its best to let feelings and emotions take its place at some juncture in our life…Ha HA …perhaps I should be more romantic…Yes, I’m too earthy and too practical.

Patience is another virtue I have to practice more often… All in all this is a good birthday reading. Good advice have been given to me and I must say this oracle is spot on about my flaws of being a control freak and a perfectionist. Too cerebral and practical and have very little patience with emotional stuff and emotional people…   😎

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