Lenormand Cards – Analyzing Annie’s Situation Using 2 Different Spreads

18 Oct

Hi friends, My long involvement with various women organizations has garnered me lots of lady friends. Over the years I’ve evolved from mentor, advisor to “Agony Aunt” – A role where my card reading hobby has played a crucial part 😉 .

Being Agony Aunt, I find that most problems with ladies are Relationship Problems, hence the reason why most readings in this blog is of that kind. The good is that I learn a lot from analyzing and understanding human relationship problems. The bad is that nothing much surprise me any more. Infidelity, Betrayal, Incest, Ladies having affair with their best friend’s husband..mind you these are nice people! I usually know both parties involved BUT I don’t judge people and I mind my own business. Its not my place to say anything.

With age comes wisdom and understanding. Matters of the heart is as complicated as the yards of minuscule blood capillaries surrounding it! The nicest of people can do the silliest of things when cupid strikes. My advise to myself and ladies out there is to try and avoid complicating your lives. Don’t put yourself in a situation where temptation will get the better of you. Life is full of unexpected turmoil as it is so try not to add more to it 😎 .

Ok, enough of ramblings. Yesterday a friend drop by for a social visit and decided to pour out her troubles. She is troubled by her marriage and wants to know whats plaguing her relationship with her husband. Lets call her Annie. Annie is a quiet reserve lady. Although she doesn’t talk much but her husband does communicate with her regarding many things. Her husband reaction seems normal enough with her. From the outside everything looks fine BUT something is amiss.

I decided to use the Lenormand cards.

QUESTION: Whats Happening In Annie’s Marriage?

Block Of 9 Card Spread

The centre Card: The gentleman card was not pre selected. Obviously the reading here is very much about Annie’s husband and her concern about changes in him.

Corner Card: There is plenty of arguments and quarrels (Rod Card) that can lead to separation and break up (Scythe Card). Coldness and stone walling in her relationship with her husband (Mountain Card) is a major issue here. Mountain card also speaks about ego and stubbornness or arrogance between husband and wife. This situation is buried deep in their relationship and pulling the marriage downhill. (Mountain + Anchor).

Cross Cards: (House + Lady + Fish +Child) – Look like Annie got a rival here and her husband is very much emotionally involved with a younger lady (Fish + Child).

Rows Card:

First Row: Coldness and quarrels are a plenty at home (Rod + House + Mountain). Arguments have caused coldness and barries in this marriage.

Second Row: The husband is hiding a relationship with a younger women. *Look at how the Gentleman card is Facing the Woman Card and behind him is the Child card! (Child + Gentleman + Woman)

Third Row: The rigidity and inflexibility (sinking and stuck feelings/emotions – Anchor + Fish)  in this marriage is threatening the marriage and could cause the marriage to end (Scythe Card)

*Fish Card for me can either symbolize money or affections depending on the context and surrounding cards (feeling-emotions associated with relationships unlike the Moon card which is very much referring to a more generalized feeling-moods)

Column Card:

First Column: Arguments and Quarrels have caused the relationship between Annie’s husband and the other lady to stabilize and strengthen further (Rod+Child+Anchor)

Second Column: Looks like the husband is thinking very much about the lack of tender loving emotional feelings at home (House+Man+Fish)

Third Column: Looks like its Annie who is cold, hard hearted and stone walling and this can threaten marriage, separation can happen between husband and wife. (Mountain+Woman +Scythe)


First Diagonal : Arguments and Fights with her husband is threatening Annie’s marriage

Second Diagonal : Coldness and ego/stubbornness between husband and wife is a common feature and something that is very much ingrained in the marriage (Mountain + Man+ Anchor)

NOTE: Looking at the reading, I would say that the troubles in the marriage is not caused by the affair with the younger lady but due to ongoing long accumulated troubles in the relationship between Annie and her husband.

LETS now compare the consistency of this reading by doing another spread using the Lenormand cards.



Subject Concerned Spread

Current Situation Of Annie’s Marriage:

(Scythe + Ship + Child) – There is estrangement and separation (possibility emotional separation since Annie and her husband still living together). Looks  like the  estrangement between husband and wife has caused the relationship between her husband and the younger lady to  move forward and progress.

Possible Evolution:

By twist of fate, Annie’s husband has found new happiness….(Gentleman + Key)

What Dominates:

(Ring) – A committed relationship is dominating the marriage…Could it mean the committed relationship between Annie’s husband and the younger lady?

The Conclusion:

(Cross) –  This card as a conclusion card does not bode well for Annie’s marriage. Pain, Sadness and strife is foretold.


The Cards Gentleman, Child and Scythe are present in both spreads. This cards shows the main factors or element  regarding Annie’s question. The rupture of relations between Annie and her husband and the new relationship between Annie’s husband and a younger lady.

NOTE: My believe is that fate is not written in stone, what is foretold by the cards is based on the present situation and I advice Annie to try to reconcile whatever differences she has with her husband and see how she can improve their relationship. Its best if she and her husband go for counselling.

** Annie wants to know more about her husbands relationship with the younger lady. I will write about this in my next post.

For an interesting update on this post please click here.

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