Using the Answer Deck – What Does Mr Jeff Wants From Lina?

22 Nov

I’m back again friends! Hope you’re all well and looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Its that time of the year where everyone looks forward to the holidays and New Year. Personally for me, like anything else there is 2 sides of the coin. Year ends are fun, lots of cheers, holidays etc etc BUT plenty of obstacles too especially if one need to get things done , Government officials on leave, private sector workers on leave, if you need anything repaired you’re in trouble! The list goes on and on.. 😕 .

Ok..Ok..I know, I’m sounding like old Sour Puss here……

Enough lamenting, lets get on with our Post of the day. Remember my friend Annie? The reading I did for her can be found here. As I’ve mentioned previously, Annie wanted to know more about her husbands love interest But we never got down to it yet…I’ve been busy and away, when I’m free she’s busy, when she’s free, I’m thats what its all about…. hopefully soon I’ll do a reading for her.

Anyway, something very interesting happened a few days ago, a pretty elegant lady I know (we became friends because she ‘s a member of one of the woman charity organization I’m involved in) contacted me. Lets call her Lina. Lina wants to meet up with me over lunch for a chat. Instead of meeting outside, I invited her over to my house. Lina is in her early forties, well established and a high flier, both she and her husband are professionals and well respected in the community. As we chatted, Lina confided to me that she’s in a relationship with another man, the man is a married man (Polygamy is allowed and practiced by  some people in my country, just like Mormons.)..I was quite surprised because she and her husband seems a loving couple. I guess Lina could see my confused look, she threw back her head and laughed and went on to explain that her marriage is not in trouble, in fact they have a happy marriage…… Despite the many questionmarks in my head, I ask no digging questions because I don’t judge and its non of my business.  I honor my many friendships by being a source of comfort and support.

Lina’s Question is : What does Mr Jeff wants from me and the relationship?.…..I got a shock when I was told the other mans name (not his real name, I’ve changed the name for privacy reasons)! Its Annies husband 😯 ! OF COURSE I PUT ON MY POKER FACE..and pretended to be unperturbed. Lina does not know that I know Annie and vice versa…Gosh, what a small world!

I decided to use my old trusty Answer Deck. I love this little cards. They are brutally honest and pack a punch!

What does Mr Jeff wants from Lina and the relationship?

*From past experience with this spread and the Answer Deck, Seeing 2 face card of the same gender next to each other where the Fair/Grey haired man or woman is in the Outcome position can denote a situation that has been going on for sometime involving the same person.

PAST – Brown Haired Man + The Fool

Mr Jeff and Lina had a platonic friendship and he never expected to fall in love or to have an intimate relationship with her. He was naive in thinking that he is capable of controlling his emotions.

PRESENT – Love + Battle

Wow, He is truly in love with and ready to fight for her love. He wants her badly and is willing to perserver at whatever cost.

FUTURE – Abundance + Jealousy + Frustration + The Master

Wow, looks like Mr Jeff in very emotionally invested in Lina and is obsessively serious about their relationship. There is writhing pangs of jealousy, painful feelings of frustrations and helplessness. He is frustrated that he cant be with her, perhaps because she doesn’t want to leave her marriage.

But him being a man of stature, wealth and stability, he will not succumb to his lower self but will use his head to control his troubled heart as well finding a solution to his predicament…..He ain’t giving her up and will continue in his pursuit.

OUTCOME – Fair/Gray Haired Man + Generosity + Gain

The Fair/Gray Haired Man here is again talking about Mr Jeff (Our people here, all have black hair, unless they colour their hair or it turn grey with age). It shows that he and Lina have been having this relationship for quite some time. He came into the friendship with her as the Brown haired man and it went on till his hair turn grey :mrgreen: !  Mr Jeff intends to keep on wooing Lina, he wish to marry her and be with her till the end… Oh how romantic 😎 !


I explained to Lina what I saw in the cards….I expected her to be happy..but the lady suddenly was all teary and sad. In between tears she says that she had long wanted to end their relationship but she feels compassionate towards him. Its true the intimate relationship (not counting the friendship) is more than 12 years old! Lina says, at one point in time she was not happy with her marriage and wanted to leave. Mr Jeff and her were friends and it was during that time of turmoil in her marriage that her relationship with him went from just friends to lovers. Lina continued pursuing her dreams (Career) and at the same time her marriage too took a turn for the better. When Lina decided to give her marriage a second chance she wanted to end her relationship with Mr Jeff but deep down her heart she knew it would destroy him… Lina is 15 years younger than Mr Jeff. She could feel the sincerity and intensity of his love. She loves him too but she doesn’t want to complicate her life and destroy everything that she’s built. After all her husband is also a very loving man…..

This reading confirms Lina’s thoughts. Mr Jeff is so in love with her its going to be very very difficult for him if she cuts the cord……

Wow, after hearing her story I’m so happy that I never judge my friends because matters of the heart is so full of intricacies…so many grey areas…so overwhelmingly complicated 😦 .

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