Ana Cortez Playing Card Oracle (Cartomancy)- Side By Side Comparison Of Mr Jeff’s Feelings Between His Wife (Annie) &Lover (Lina)

11 Dec

Hi Friends, I’m posting an update regarding my friend Annie. To refresh your memory about it please go here. A few days ago we met and I spent quite sometime with here doing several spreads and different cards regarding her marital relationship. I find her case interesting because out of the blue I too happen to know who the other lady involved in this saga. If you’re interested (to understand this post better, its best you read it) you can read about it here. Of course, Annie is unaware that I know who her husbands lover is and Lina does not know that Annie has consulted me. Truly intriguing ūüė¶ ¬†.

The First Spread I did for Annie is to see her husbands feelings for her and then I did another reading using the same spread to find out her husbands feeling for Lena his lover. So here I’ll share with you this comparative reading. I’ll post the other spreads using different cards in my coming posts.

For this reading I’ve used the Ana Cortez Cartomancy deck and her 4 card spread illustrated in her book accompanying the deck. However what you’ll see is a version of her original deck that I’ve scanned and tweaked to suit my preferred taste. Made it smaller so that I can shuffle it easier. I like her system and find it accurate.

Explanation of  the 4 Card Elemental Spread:


Original Card

My Version

My Version

In the Ana Cortez system, The elements are as follows:

Fire – Diamonds- Head position in the 4 element card spread

Air – Clubs – Throat position in the 4 element card spread

Water – Hearts –¬†Torso position in the 4 element card spread

Earth – Spades –¬†Feet position in the 4 element card spread

QUESTION: The feelings of Mr Jeff for His Wife (Annie) & His Lover (Lina)?

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General Overview:

Jeff & Annie –¬†Although the spread between Annie and her husband Jeff looks more balanced in having equal amount of Red and Black suit, nevertheless I would say that this relationship lack drive and passion or emotions. The lack of any Diamond suit here does not bode well and out of the two cards of the Heart suit, one is that of the 3 of Hearts. This card is not good in a relationship spread. No area of the spread is being dignified here. It can be said that for Mr Jeff (Annies husband), he does not consider his emotional connectedness to Annie important.

Jeff & Lina –¬†The spread representing Jeff’s feelings for Lina is all in the red suit, it shows much energy and passion, lots of fire and water element, strong emotions and drive are going on here. The Torso area is being dignified by a heart suit card here. THis is a good sign because In this question the Torso area is important because Matters of the heart is represented by this area and having a Heart suit represented here strengthens it. The Spade suit is absent here so I would say Jeff is not being practical nor grounded when it comes to his feeling for Lina, he refuses to see the reality of their situation, of her unwillingness to stabilize their relationship by physically wanting to be with him. He’s over the top filled with high doses of drive, passion and emotions!

HEAD or “Top Dog” position (Dominates the general character of the reading) – ¬†Consciousness or Identity Of The Situation:

Jeff & Annie – The 6 of Hearts or “The Castle” card here shows that his relationship with Annie is very much of going through the motion of being a responsible provider and doing his duty as a husband. Yes, Annie says that he is a responsible man and provide well. ¬† Consciously Mr Jeff ¬†knows his responsibility towards the marriage, The Castle¬†card represents the home.

Jeff & Lina – With Lina, its all about excess of emotions, even consciously he cannot control his heart! The 9 of hearts or “GILLES DE RAIS” card here denotes overwhelming emotions, extremes of behavior and compulsiveness. Wow for a long ongoing >12 years old affair, its amazing such emotions are still present. I’m worried what can happen to Mr Jeff, if Lina decides to pull out of their relationship :shock: ¬†.

THROAT Position – Thoughts, Ideas & Communication:

Jeff & Annie – 3 of Hearts here is saying that Jeff is not thinking much of his relationship with Annie. He’s unsure of his affections of her and there is definitely a 3rd party occupying his thoughts and affection.

Jeff & Lina – Jeff strongly thinks very well of Lina. She is his truth. The 7 of Diamonds or “The Sword OF Truth” card here is saying that with Lina present in his life he is able to see the truth in his marriage, its lacking and his ability to feel the pain of whats missing in his marriage. In his long marriage with Annie, he had repressed his pain and unhappiness by burying it in his workaholic ways (Annie say that Jeff is a workaholic, very focused in his work thats why he is a successful). Perhaps with Lina he suddenly sees the truth of what his marriage is all about….

TORSO Position – Emotions, Desire & The Inner Self (This position is important for this reading because the question asked is of an emotional nature)

Jeff & Annie – A spade card in the Torso position of the water element is not good. Spade is the earth element, its dry and inhospitable. There is definitely lack of any warm or loving feelings here. Jeff is definitely not emotionally attached or connected to Annie.¬†6 of Spades here or “The Ruin” card denotes¬†What once was is no more. It speaks about something that has been neglected or destroyed. I see this card as emotional pain thats been going on for a long time and nothing more can be done to heal it. There is no more joy and happiness, all dried and cracked just waiting to crumble to dust….

Jeff & Lina –¬†The Torso position here is being dignified by a heart card. Very good because the Torso position is a position of the water element. It denotes that theres plenty of love and affection, great desire and great emotional connection. Jeff is definitely very much in love with Lina..Perhaps too much because the 5 of hearts or “The Fata Morgana” card is ¬†a card of allurement and fantasy. He’s all gooey over her ūüôĄ . Fata Morgana card being here also denote the nature of the love and affection as being hidden and shrouded with secrets and deceit..of course this is expected because both Jeff and Lina are married to other people……

FOOT Position – Manifestation:

Jeff & Annie –¬†The King of Clubs or “Sol”. The appearance of “Sol” in this position just show that nothing is being manifested in this relationship. Its at a standstill or in a stalemate situation. No passion nor a desire to make it better or to even cut it off. I would say that Jeff is not going to divorce Annie unless if Annie wants it nor would he want to have a loving relationship with her…He’s given up on their marriage. The marriage existence is only by name and by law BUT it lacks depth of emotion and void of passion. *If Lina decides to leave her husband,¬†Jeff can still marry Lina without divorcing Annie, polygamy is allowed in their religion and recognized in this country.

Jeff & Lina –¬†A diamond suit card in the Foot position (Earth Element) is another excellent combination. Its an energizing existence, sort of a go getter dynamics! The King of Diamonds or “King Leo” card here denotes that Jeff is waiting eagerly to pounce on the chance to possess Lina. He’s passion for her is like a raging inferno and wants to take charge of a situation that is at present he’s helpless to do anything about.

Mr Jeff cant wait to have Lina all to himself     :mrgreen:  .

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