A Political Question – Using 2 Divination System (Cartomancy and Lenormand)

22 May

Hi Friends. Sorry for the long hiatus. Besides the usual everyday busyness and of course laziness 😀 , I’ve just got back from a long vacation in New Zealand. I must say NZ must be one of the most beautiful country in the world. If you’re into nature, for a small country its got everything! Fiord, Rainforest, Red wood Forest, Beautiful lakes, etc..etc..

Traveling through the heart of the North Island,  allows me to see the incredible diversity that New Zealand offers. The South Islands mountains, lakes and glaciers and the North Islands rich Maori culture. In my opinion, the best place in NZ is Kaikoura.  Kaikoura sits to the east of the Seaward Kaikoura Range and these mountains provide a spectacular backdrop to this coastal township. The name Kaikoura actually means “meal of crayfish” and fishermen still make a living from catching these creatures. I had the best Crayfish meal here 🙂


I highly Recommend this Outlet…one of the best Crayfish dish! I tried the other seafood dishes as well, mussels etc and all equally delightful…

That my Crayfish Dish...fresh and delicious!

Thats my Crayfish Dish…fresh and delicious!

Ok enough of tempting you with the wonders of New Zealand. Lets proceed to our card reading 😛 .



On the 5th of May, we Malaysians went to vote. And of course the ruling party of 55years got voted in again winning by a small margin and not getting the majority popular vote. This is attributed to gerrymandering and malapportionment.  Sometimes I cant believe it that the rural folks who do not pay taxes and have lower education are the ones able to determine who should rule our country 😡 . This is made possible because of how the delineation of parliamentary and state constituency boundaries is being drawn to ensure the ruling party stays in power. This 13th General Election is the dirtiest most fraudulent ever in the history of our nation.

My main concern is weather the opposition Islamic party (PAS) will join the present ruling coalition? This would be dangerous for the future of our nation because Malays who are muslims make up >65% of the population. During this election the dominant Malay party (UMNO)got majority of the rural Malay votes (thats how they won) whereas majority non Malays and urban educated Malays voted for the opposition coalition. Looks like UMNO is seducing the opposition Islamic party to join them so that they can push forward the islamisation of this country (NOT because they are truly Islamic at heart but they are well aware thats the most effective way to dominate and suppress the people is by using religion. Look at Saudi Arabia, Pakistan etc).

QUESTION: Will the Islamic party (PAS) join the ruling dominant coalition party (UMNO)?

Method 1: Cartomancy – using the Quick Cut Chita St Lawrence Method

The Quick Cut method gives a simple “Yes” or “No” answer. It works, try it. The cards are well shuffled and the deck is than placed face down. Its then cut into 2 section  and the top half of the deck is placed face up, this exposed card is referred as the inner card. The remaining half is flipped over to reveal the bottom card which shall be referred to as the outer card. The inner and the outer card are read together both ways.

[SCM]actwin,268,29,432,281;Tarot 5/22/2013 , 3:45:07 PM

Self Made Cartomancy Card Using Chita St Lawrence & Leeann Richards Interpretation

General Overview:

The exposed inner card is black (3 of ♠) hence it is safe to say that for the time being UMNO would not be able to seduce PAS into joining them. So UMNO’s goal is blocked for the time being. The Outer card being a Court card (K) means that a persons role has great influence on this matter. I believe the K♥ to be Nik Aziz who is respected and well loved spiritual advisor of PAS. Yes, it makes sense that he refuses to join the despicable and very corrupt UMNO. Of course some of the top guns in PAS would love to cohoot with UMNO (power and money reasons 👿  )

Ok, looking at both cards together, I will interpret that for the time being this partnership between PAS and UMNO will not materialise because of interference from the King of Hearts who dislike UMNO.

Method 2: Lenormand (Blue Owl) – using the Linear 9 card Spread

I love this spread. It is talkative and gives plenty of topic referenced in a single reading. It provides in depth reading and can be done relatively quick. Do try it 🙂 .

PAS and UMNO- 5_22_2013 , 6_08_59 PM

No Significator

I did not choose a significator BUT  coincidently the 5th card which stands for the focus or theme of the reading is the Ring! Yes, this spread is spot on and will talk about the partnership between UMNO and PAS.

STEP 1 (Linear reading without Reflection or Mirroring):

The snake card is obviously UMNO and some twisted top guns in PAS trying to make the partnership possible (The Crossroad) but facing a large obstacle (Mountain card). For now lit looks like a dead end (Coffin card). Nevertheless they are not giving up but slowly and surely bit by bit (Mice card) they are trying to unearth the obstruction and weakening the resistance (Tree card) until they are able to make the pact acceptable to those who are not in favour with the partnership (Love card + Dog card).

STEP 2 (Reflection and Mirroring):

Snake Card denotes that this pact is not a sincere one and it is full of intrigues, deceit and lies (bad for the Malaysians). For now there is resistance (Snake+Mountain) because of a loving sincere man (Love + Dog). This could point to the King of Hears in our cartomancy reading. Crossroad card + Coffin denotes that there seem to be no solution for now , their talks are at an impasse. Coffin mirroring Mice denotes that this deadlock can end with the illness and possible death of this loving kind gentleman (Tree+Love+Dog).


For now, Malaysian can rest assured that the pact wont happen not until Nik Aziz (denoted by King of Hearts in Cartomancy; Heart+Dog card in Lenormand) becomes gravely ill or dies (incidentally this wonderful man is currently frail, he is in his late eighties). So Malaysians who made up of  the 51% popular vote for the opposition party in this General Election must think carefully and take whatever steps deem necessary to prepare for the major changes that can happen to our beloved country Malaysia. Change is inevitable. We must embrace change but what is most unfortunate for us Malaysians is that these changes are changes for the worse 😥

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