PART 1: Whats Malaysian Prime Minister Najib’s Marriage Like?- (Cartomancy) Secrets Of THe Heart Spread

27 May

Hi Readers. I Just got back after a hearty Chinese lunch at The Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur. The food was excellent! Malaysia is a melting pot of various cuisine. There’s Chinese, Indian, Malay and other diverse ethnic cuisine. We are a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural country.

My First course was the “Imperial Seafood Spicy and Sour Soup” , it was exceptional👍   Carefully double boiled, the soup had a delicate tangy and sweet taste of prawns, sharksfin (ok before someone yells at me…I know that this is not politically correct to eat 😳 ), scallops, abalone and crabmeat. The steaming hot soup worked up my appetite to a hilt! I share with you the picture below….

oeTuA-1As I was devouring and enjoying this soup I’m reminded how a well balanced soup with all the different ingredients mixing and blending together and each not only imparting its individual flavour but the flavours are combined to form a unique taste…not unlike a good marriage.  In a relationship each partner bring to the relationship their individual idiosyncrasies. How each of them play out their role and temper their idiosyncrasies will result in a unique loving bond or a disastrous match!

With this in mind I’m suddenly curious to find out about our Prime Ministers marriage. He and his wife Rosmah come from dissimilar background and of course physically too ahem…(You be the judge)


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Whats Malaysian Prime Minister Najib’s Marriage Like?

Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansur

Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansur



BACKGROUND: For both, its not their first marriage. Its a well known fact that Rosmah seduced Najib while he was still married to the lovely Royal Princess. He then divorced the Princess and married this woman. Gosh how he could marry this woman is something we Malaysian can never understand the logic. Anyway, Najib is not a logical man 🙄 This Rosmah is much detested by Malaysians from all walk of life 😕

Najib is the president of UMNO (largest party of the ruling coalition party BN). Umno is a corrupt party. Umno members have dizzyingly complex webs of crony connections and business deals. Nepotism and rampant graft is the order of the day.

QUESTION: What’s The Situation Of Najib and Rosmah’s Marriage? 

This reading is done as a third party reading. Bearing in mind that Najib is the Querant. I use my own self made Cartomancy Card.

Secrets Of The Heart Spread

Secrets Of The Heart Spread

WHATs it all about:

The bottom card being 9♣ indicates that This union is not about love and devotion. Its about high office and high stakes. There are issues of Ethics, Principles and Integrity.

What It Looks Like On The Surface:

a) Using Leeann Richards cartomancy interpretation:-
They give the impression that the marriage is intact at that both are working hard and focussed at the public job they are holding. They show unity in what they desire. This couple only work where they can profit. This marriage actually exist because of the high profile nature of Najib’s work. A marriage whereby he is only valued not for what he is but who he is.
To the people around them they give the impression that they are not talking much or connecting much with each other at the moment because of of the current predicament due to the poor performance of the ruling political party (BN) headed by  Najib. They give the impression that thy’re not communicating much because of the deep sorrow they feel about the poor performance of the ruling party in the recent election (5th May 2013).
b) Using Chita Lawrence cartomancy Interpretation:-
Outwardly this couple seem busy in decision making, attending endless meetings and also trying to cater to the expectations of “Money Hungry – Rent Seekers” people around them, represented by Jack Of Diamond. This rent seekers could denote (BN-the ruling coalition party)  members. This rent seekers want remuneration, gifts for work done otherwise they’d gang up and pull a surprise on this couple
(5 ♥).

Whats Really Going On?

a)Using Leeann Richards cartomancy interpretation:-
This marriage in actuality is full of conflicting values. Plenty of quarrels and arguments. Not harmonious😕.  Both husband and wife are “the same” (Birds of a feather live together). BUT as shown by the reversed Queen of ♦, Najibs wife Rosmah is the root cause of troubles in the marriage. She’s a big spender, wasteful, unstable and revengeful. If we take the reversed Queen of ♦to speak about the marriage, it is obvious that Affluence and not affection thats holding this match together. Much of their public image together is a facade. In public they will do what is required to appear affectionate…all a farce!
b) Using Chita Lawrence cartomancy Interpretation:-
In order for Najib to be able to balance out the pain in this awful marriage with Rosmah, he has a close rapport and friendship with a younger woman (Q♦). This woman is supportive of him and they communicate alot. Well money is of course important to her too😆. Well Prime Minister Najib….tough luck to find a woman who would love you for what you are🙊

What Will Happen? 

a] Using Leeann Richards cartomancy interpretation:-
Loads and loads of troubles and stress would take a toll on them. This couple wont be together till death. They might not get a divorce but they definitely wont be in close proximity with  each other…there wont be any pain in the breakup…they’ll both live separate lives.
b) Using Chita Lawrence cartomancy Interpretation:-
In the future, This couples plans will backfire. What they hope for shall not materialize…they will face a loss that would be detrimental to them.


Using Combined Chita and Leeann Richards cartomancy interpretation:-
All the steps taken will fail and they will each lose faith and trust with each other.
*Its not surprising. A marriage founded on lies and deceit, One womans insatiable lust and greed for POWER and Money and a Weak Man incapable of doing the right thing….makes for a melting pot of ” THE WITCHES BREW” soup 👿
PS: I’ve done the same reading here using Le Devin Oracle and the Lenormand to explain further the outcome of the reading.
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