PART 2 The Marriage Of Prime Minister Najib and Rosmah – Using Lenormand To Clarify A Reading WIth Le Devin Oracle

30 May

Hi friends , Today I’m going to show how different divination system not only confirms each other but can give us insights to other important aspects of a question.

Last night some friends came over for dinner. The main topic is of course the current flavour of the day “politics”. Our country has reached a crossroad and for this nation to go forward, radical changes have got to be made otherwise the future of Malaysians will be at stake.
Today we import thousands of foreigners to work for us and help built our nation BUT whats worrying is that our present government run by BN have committed great treason to the people of Malaysia by giving all these immigrant workers easy citizenship in exchange for them voting for the ruling party. With nepotism, rent seeking behaviors of BN top guns and cronies, rampant grafts and incessant pilfering of the countries wealth…What can happen? The abled citizens would start leaving the country, those who can’t or wont will start to uprise and question the government. In order to make sure they stay in power at all cost, the ruling party BN-UMNO would give more citizenships to this immigrants.. So now its these poor, illiterate immigrants that determine the future of our nation? As it is we now have so many of them and they cause plenty of social problems, crimes etc and they utilize resources meant for Malaysians! Why are we paying taxes to support these immigrants? What will happen to the future of the younger generations to come?
Malaysians MUST stand united and fight this “Demons” who pretend to be our benevolent Leaders!!! ..We cannot continue in a situation where the majority questions the legitimacy of the current government. We want a solution to the electoral irregularities…..
Oh yes before I forget, let me share with you what I cooked for my guest. My special Roast Chicken. The filling is made chinese style (recipe courtesy of my Chinese neighbour) with oyster and sesame oil, dash of pepper, garlic and ginger (see the dish next to the chicken). The sauce for dipping the chicken is Malay Style (taught to me by my Malay friend) with hot bird chilli and tamarind juice, shrimp paste, shallots and dash of sugar…


The unappetising looking white colored glob is "mashed potatoes"😊

The unappetising looking white colored glob is “mashed potatoes”😊


Today I’ve decided to look into Prime Minister Najib’s marriage based on another divination system. The First Part can be found here. This time I’m using the Le Devin Oracle. This oracle is very much like the French Sibilla Oracle Cards. In fact the interpretations are similar to “The Sibilla Indovina” (Shown Below For Comparison) . The original Le Devin Card looks like this (card shown below), what I did is I scanned the original card. Then I print out the card after making adjustments to suit my needs better.

Original Le Devin Oracle

Original Le Devin Oracle

My Version
My Version

QUESTION: What’s The Real Situation Of Prime Minister Najib’s Marriage?


Secrets Of The Heart Spread

Secrets Of The Heart Spread

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The cards that you see, I’ve translated the meaning, First row is for the upright card meaning and the second row is for the reverse meaning. I hate to read a picture card in the reverse position. So you’d ask how then I decide which meaning to use?
1] Intuition
2] It depends on position of the card in the spread.
3] Depending on a cards interrelation with other cards in the spread.
I would still be using the same spread (Secrets of the Heart Spread) so that we can make a comparison with the previous reading here.
I love this spread. It gives a very good perspective of a situation and can be used for any situation not only with regards to relationships and partnership.
💡Dont forget to pick out the bottommost card from the stack of shuffled cards because this is a very important card as it gives you the core of the reading, the tone of the reading.
Whenever you feel that you don’t understand whichever “line” you’re interpreting, its best you just draw another card from whatever card left in the stack and add-on to that particular line. *I’ve done this to the last line “Outcome”. In order to understand further what is meant by the marriage card, I drew another card and interpret that line using the 2 cards.

Spread Interpretation:

Whats it all about: The bottom card “Young Blond Man – Lover” indicates that this cards are going to focus about the significance of a young man in this marriage – romantic/sexual liaison. Could it be Rosmah’s Lover? or Najib’s?
In this system, a young male friend is denoted by “The Young Dark Man”. I would say that The Young Blond Man = Jack Of Hearts whereas The Young Dark Man = Jack Of Clubs.
1a] What It Looks Like On The Surface?-
Najib is aware of the existence of a younger man in his wife’s life but he pretends not to be too concerned about it. He feels that it’s just a small matter, a small mishap in their marriage. Externally he pretends to appear cool and not ruffled by it. He knows too that people are talking about it (Card Certainty + The Desire Card) OR
Could it be Rosmah who knows about an existence of a younger man in Najibs life? Why I say this? This row of cards show the male consultant (Dont forget,this is supposed to be a 3rd party reading where Najib is the Querant) being sandwiched by the Desire/Lust Card and the Pleasure/Fun/No worries card. Of course we will never know the truth unless we ask Rosmah 😉
2a] Whats Really Going On? – This marriage is a farce. There is no love, sincerity and honesty between Rosmah and Najib. Rosmah is depicted as an envious, grasping, low-class bitchy woman who is spiteful to her husband hence the reason for him being a great pretender to her in the marriage. She has this “Young Blond Man” in her life as a recreational diversion for her, to entertain herself and pleasure her wantonness. (Dark Haired Woman+Recreational Diversion Card).
3a] What Will Happen? The couple will continue in their imprudences, extravagances, their speculations and dishonesty which will result in them continuing in thieving and plundering the country’s resources. All this will create more resentment from the public and create greater hatred for them and breed more slanders.
4] Outcome – (I drew another card here to explain further about the “Marriage Card”). When read together I would say that In this marriage, both husband and wife will always have another relationship with someone else (Rendezvous Card), then only can this marriage sustain a semblance of “A Happy Marriage”. Najib and Rosmah can’t be together if they do not have “Other” relationships……

To Further elaborate on the outcome, I usually like to use another set of system because of 2 reasons:

1] Drawing extra cards can be counterproductive because you definitely wont be able to get a card that’s already been drawn. So the message that you get is definitely limited the more cards you draw.
2] Using another set of system as an addition gives us :-
a) The ability to cross check our reading, its interpretation etc.
b) To gleam more information from a reading. This is because different divination system has a different “language”. This means that some cards are chatty about gossipy details while others are more cut and dry stuff. There are also certain system that speaks about the psychological aspects of a situation or person in a reading.
In my opinion, all this bits and pieces of information carry the same weight and are very useful for us readers. With experience and intuition using these methods will enable us to give a more concise and sharper approach in our readings. These insight will also further enhance our readings and will definitely benefit and be more helpful for the querant.
Anyway in divination, there is no right or wrong way to do things it’s all a matter of choice and personal preferences. There are many paths you can follow to reach your intended destination. Whats important is to know your destination.
Ok, in this instance to further elaborate on the last 2 cards or the “Outcome” I decided to do a 3 card reading using the lenormand Oracle.
3 Card Spread

3 Card Spread

Focus Card – The Middle card or focus card being The Bird denotes pairs or Two of something. So here it seems to confirm the 2 Outcome card (Marriage + Rendezvous card) in the previous spread. So we can say that the couple will each gave another intimate relationship besides their marriage.
Linear Interpretation with Mirroring:-
Both Najib and Rosmah (The Birds) have a secret (The Book) intimate relationship (The Lily) with Other People.


So The Lenormand is in agreement with the Le Devin Oracle. Like I said earlier in the in the post here, A marriage is like soup, either the ingredients and all its components blend well and complement each other to make the perfect “soup” or it clashes and poison the whole taste making for a disastrous recipe! Alternately the soup can be made a tiny weeny bit palatable by “MASKING” the horrid taste with something else…in this case by supplementing a marriage with another partner…..
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