Medicine Card – Part 1: Who We Think Najib is? and Who Prime Minister Najib Razak REALLY is? – A Comparison. A check on perception and reality.

03 Jun


A Sad Day For Malaysians:
The Immigration Director General Of Malaysian “Illegal Government” said today;
6,564 Malaysians will have their passports cancelled to prevent them from leaving the country, among others, because they had “tarnished” the nation’s image.  Those  involved will be barred from leaving the country for three to five years in accordance with the Passports Act 1966. The government can use Section 8 of the Immigrant Act 1959/63 to stop the Malaysians from returning home.

Malaysians must not fear!

“To equate loyalty to government with loyalty to nation and patriotism is the sign of a dictatorial regime with designs on extending its rule into the realms of tyranny.”

Malaysians MUST stand united and fight this “Demons” who pretend to be our benevolent Leaders!!! ..We cannot continue in a situation where the majority questions the legitimacy of the current government. We want a solution to the electoral irregularities…..


Ok lets continue with Divination😉 Too much of politics is bad for our soul BUT I strongly believe that everyone has a responsibility to promote and enhance civil society…..

This evening while feeding my Koi fish I spend some time watching their antics and intelligence. They are so entertaining and never fail to make me happy. I have about 50 large Kois in my pond and its amazing that each and everyone of them have thier own unique characteristics. I’ve given them each individual names based on these characteristics. For example, I name one of them Celebrity because she is so showy and loves to show how high up the air she can jump…she makes sure she does this when there are guest watching her😆.  Then there is Zorro..this one is so smart…he refuse to eat with the rest and expects to eat out of my hand, this is because I presume he doesn’t like to have to compete with the others so he finds an easy way out. Mr Oz is another one that I feed by hand..this guy pretends to be “stupid” and not know how to eat food thrown into the pond, and will follow me around the pond, eyeing my every movement so that I take pity on him and feed him with the pellets in my hand😀.



Mr Oz looking at me😆

As I spend time with them my thoughts go to my favorite “Medicine Card”.  Yes, animals do show us what we can learn from them. Each animal has hundreds of lessons to impart to us and all of those lessons are powers that can be called upon.

The word “Medicine” referred to by this cards  means anything that improves one’s connection to the Great Mystery and to all life. This medicine is also anything that brings personal power, strength, and understanding. Although in reality each animal can teach us many things, but I presume for simplicity in these cards, each animal has been assigned one of these many lessons that they can impart.
Today I want to do a reading on Prime Minister Najib. Who is he? His true self? Lets compare what others see him as and what he really is. To know about a person, in my opinion, the best divination tools to use would be the Medicine Card Oracle, The Symbolon, Tarot and other introspective oracles that are tuned to human psychology and psychic. With the proper spread I’ll show you how interesting it is to use the Medicine Card to get to know somebody.


Who We Think Najib is? and Who Prime Minister Najib Razak REALLY is?

 – A Comparison. A check on perception and reality.

Medicine Card - The Sun Lodge Spread

Medicine Card – The Sun Lodge Spread

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Prime Minister Najib😁

Who We Think Najib Is? To answer this question, I’ll use The Sun Lodge Spread. In this spread, I will do reverse card reading although the Medicine card is a Picture card. because, whenever only one card is used to explain a particular position in a spread, its best to use reversals in a reading. Please check more explanation here.

1 st Card or  East Card – How people sees Najib spiritually

The Skunk card reversed. Spiritually Najib is seen as someone who pretends to show spirituality where there is none. People see it as a facade with no real depth of substance. They feel him stinking up the environment with his superficialities and pretenses…they find it repulsive.

2nd Card or South Card – How people sees Najib  in relation to the material world

The Badger card reversed. Oops! here comes Badger upside-down and fuming! People see that Najib is being chewed out by someone (Rosmah and perhaps Rosmah’s cronies probably). Najib seem to always have to please someone else’s agenda. People know that he is unhappy and angry about it…BUT he is balls.
His fears make him powerless. He fears “pain” (pain here can mean many things like exposed secrets, retributions, insecurity) and hence he becomes ineffective and a liar. Najib must realise that no more inactivity can prevail without creating pain of some kind.
Because of these fears, people see him as a liar, coward, ineffective leader, unreliable and shallow.

3rd Card or West Card – How people interacts with Najib in response to his deepest desire.

The Mountain Lion card here in an upright position speaks about the use and abuse of power in a position of influence. It shows that people will react positively to his leadership if he stand on his convictions. People expect him to review the purpose behind his personal beliefs. People expect him to show strong leadership and they don’t mind giving him the power but they expect him to fulfill the first responsibility of leadership which is honesty and integrity. They will give him their full support but they expect Responsibility from him. Responsibility is no more than the ability to respond to any situation in a fair and righteous manner. So in actuality people will respond favorably to him BUT it depends on his actions or inactions. With this medicine…it is a double edged sword whereby if he abuses his power he will be the target and blamed for all things that go wrong even though not all are totally his doing. This is a difficult power totem. However with this power totem the pitfalls are many BUT the rewards are great!

4th Card or North Card – How people view Najib  intellectually

Others sees Najib as someone loyal and devoted to his friends and those close to him.  At the same time this blind loyalty to his dear friends is questioned because him wanting to please them so much is being abused and in the end others suffer. People view him as someone who have forgotten that he owes his allegiance to his personal truth as well as to the Citizens and not to his “friends”.  His loyalty too a certain group of people or friends have jaded his loyalty to the nation. All this is how people view Najib.

5th Card or Central Card – Overall view of how People see Najib.

The reversed Turtle Card here shows that overall people feel that Najib is flippant and not connecting with reality. They see him as a Turtle helplessly trying to right itself after it has been flipped upside down. They see him struggling to do whats right.  They see him as a victim of his own undoing and weaknesses…..

PS: NEXT, we’ll do another reading to find out who Najib really is……TO BE CONTINUED :mrgreen:

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