Medicine Card – Part 2: Who We Think Najib is? and Who Prime Minister Najib Razak REALLY is? – A Comparison. A check on perception and reality.

06 Jun

My Malaysia:

Police arrest woman for allegedly insulting Yang di-Pertuan Agong on Facebook.  Read more here
I say:   “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.” – Samuel Johnson
Hi friends, on my recent holiday to New Zealand, I took a photo of this seagull in front of The Bath House at Rotorua Government Gardens. I was eating some popcorns and decided to share with a few seagulls, a bully among them was busy chasing away the others and while the rest scuttled away and the bully busy chasing everyone…this clever guy trailed behind the bully and peck at all remaining popcorn…..
A Clever Bird😃

A Clever Bird😃

Lesson Learned: Never panic in whatever situation, just quietly step aside and not be part of the chaos. While others are occupied and busy, Use the opportunity, strategise how best to benefit from the chaotic situation😉

Yes, animals can teach us if we are willing to learn from nature around us. This is the reason why the Medicine Card is a useful oracle if we want to understand the “nature” of a person or situation. Nature here is the understanding of the intricacies, the undertones or underlying reason of how and why somethings happen or whats the underlying cause for a certain behaviour?


Who Prime Minister Najib Razak REALLY is?

We did a reading with the Medicine Card to find out Who We Think Najib Is? To refresh your memory, click here

As promised, still using the Medicine Card, we’ll find out who Prime Minister Najib really is?


Who Prime Minister Najib Really is? To answer this question I’ll be using the Moon Lodge Spread. This spread is a mirror of our own personal unconscious. Its a tool to help us uncover whats hidden.

Moon Lodge Spread

Moon Lodge Spread

First Card or The East Card (The Whirling Spirit Card) – Najib’s Spiritual Self:

With Fox Card reversed, it speaks about Najib the wily Fox! He is as foolish as he is cunning. He is a lowly character full of camouflage.  Spiritual apathy and boredom is the order of the day for Najib. This apathy and boredom within his soul makes him have low self esteem of himself  thus  he is always making himself highly visible so as to prove to himself of his very existence.

Second Card or The South Card (growth card/seed card) –  Hidden emotions:

Looks like Najib is wanting to cleanse his emotions from something…  The Frog Card here says that emotionally he is feeling a lot of frustrations, guilty conscious, nervousness and emptiness.
Hmm, makes sense for people who are always following their wantonness and lower self to have this sort of emotions.

Third Card or The West Card ( Dream-Within-the-Dream Card)- Real Purpose In Life:

Gosh…I feel sorry for Najib😟…The Badger Card reversed says that Najib is being chewed out by someone else..Rosmah? It says that he is not fulfilling his real purpose in life because at present his existence is only to fulfill another persons needs and desire. He is full of anger so he becomes ineffective with whatever he wants to do or tries to do. His anger is at his own helplessness for not being able to get out of a “stuck” situation.
Wow…no wonder he is the most ineffective Prime Minister we ever had! He is unable to take any lead or do anything without the consent of the “hidden” powerful hands. Having this Medicine Card is to remind Najib that he need to take an aggressive action against this “strong” influence of another on him. Without creating pain of some kind he will forever be lost…and his real purpose in life would be lost in being enslave by “another”…

Fourth Card or The North Card – Inner Wisdom:

The Raven Card here foretells that Najib must learn and take control of  his inner fears and self created demons. He must have the courage to enter the darkness of void and seek a more spiritual path. He must make a change in consciousness so that it brings to him an awakening. Thus he will be given the strength and courage to do whats right and able to get rid of all that is pulling him a downward spiral of self destruction….

Fifth Card or The Central Card – The Overall View of “True Self”:

The Dolphin here means that Najib is not an independent person, he needs to connect and be influenced by those immediate to him so that he can then spread his message or be a link to the outer world. He needs his inner circle of people to give him directions. These people are his life force otherwise he’ll starve…he’s unable to be alone and always need plenty of play and relaxation and fun…all this makes him vulnerable to people who knows his weakness and they provide him with all the stimulation and entertainment he need and they are then able to control, manipulate and finally blackmail him…..hmmm..definately signs of a weak leader😑


Well….I must say that Najib is not of Leader material. He rise up in an easy manner because of his “birth” in an elite family (his father was the 2nd Prime Minister Of Malaysia). His father died in office, and Malays being what they are felt an instant sentimental link with him thus making his passage up the top in UMNO much easier than others would. On top of it, because of who he is (shown by the medicine card), he was easily moulded to fit into the needs of kingmakers like Mahathir (the longest serving Prime Minister)…so till today he is actually nothing more than the “slave” of his wife Rosmah and his mentor Mahathir🙊
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