Lenormand – What’s Going On? Lynda’s Query – 2 Ways Using 9 Cards

28 Oct

Hi friends..its been quite a while since I last updated. This October I celebrated my 52nd Birthday. I had 3 separate Birthday Party…a private one with my husband, a surprise party given by friends and another one by my family. I thank “The Creator” for all form of abundance in my life…AmenAngel-male-bird-smiley-smiley-emoticon-000278-large.

Some photos I’d like to share with you.

Birthday DinnerMy Quiet Birthday Celebration With My Beloved Husband

Birthday Cake

Later in the evening…we shared this lovely birthday cake together (Sorry I can’t post the actual cake photo)

Lenormand Card Reading

Today I’m going to share with you a reading I did yesterday for my friend Lynda. I met Lynda recently during my birthday party. She appeared happy externally but I felt she was trying hard to mask her melancholiness. I invited her over to my house to chat and she says that she feel that all’s not well in her marriage. She sense something amiss BUT can’t really place a finger to what’s up? Lynda is in her 60’s, so is her husband.

I decided to do a 9 card Lenormand reading for her. In order to glean more info from the 9 selected cards. using the same cards I did 2 method of reading.

  1. 9 Cards Line Spread
  2. 3X3 Lenormand Spread

Method 1: 3X3 Lenormand Spread:

OH Marriage Situation-28.10.2013.002

1] COMBINATIONS of the Ring card with cards 1/2/3/4/6/7/8/9 individually

Ring with Letter – Can denote a strong commitment or strengthening of a bond.

Ring with Coffin – Constrain/depression in a relationship, Breaking up of a relationship or slow death of a relationship.

Ring with Fish – An advantageous relationship, bonding with a business person, an oppurtunity, an unexpected lucky bonding.

Ring with House – A secure comfortable relationship.

Ring with Book  – A secret relationship.

Ring with Tower – A seperation,  divorce, Isolation.

Ring with Lily – An affair, an exciting or tantalising relationship, a late life romance or relationship.

Ring with Fox – Falseness or dubiousness in a relationship. A relationship fraught with treachery, deceitfulness, sneakiness, hypocrisy, and lies.

2] Combinations of Cards Letter + Ring + Fox – A strong commitement or strengthening of a bond done in sneakiness or deceitfully.

3] Combinations of Cards Fish + Ring + Tower – An advantageous happening or a much desired gain that has caused coldness and isolation in a relationship.

4] Combinations of Cards Coffin + Ring + Lily – An exiting and charged situation or late life romance that is causing depression or slow death in a relationship.

5] Combination of Cards House + Ring + Book – A stable, comfortable relationship occurring in secret.

TO GET MORE INFO, lets look at the same cards with another method:

Method 2: 9 Cards Lenormand Line Spread:

OH Marriage - 9cardlinear.003

1] Lets look at whats central to Lynda’s marriage –

Cards (House + Book), yes it indicates something strong, solid, comfortable and secretive is happening in her marriage without her knowledge.

(House + Fish + Book) – a strong, stable, secret relationship with a businessperson.

(House + Book + Tower) – A strong, stable, secret relationship with someone from the past…can also be they were formally together in the same office or workplace.

2] Cards (Fish + Tower) – Can denote a business person or a windfall happening and hidden away in isolation.

(Fish + Tower + Lily) – An supportive relationship or affair with a wealthy businessperson.

(Fish + Tower + Coffin) – A hidden or isolated desirous occurrence causing despair.

3] Cards (Coffin + Lily) – A slow fading or endings. Unhappiness. No sexual life.

(Coffin + Lily + Fox) – An affair causing depression or endings in the marriage.

(Coffin + Letter + Fox) – Deceit and falseness that is shocking news.


From method 1 (3X3 Lenormand Spread):-

Lynda is spot on in her feelings. Her intuition telling her something is wrong in her marriage is clear. Her husband is having a late life romance which he considers a windfall. This is no ordinary romance because its a committed relationship albeit in secrecy. It won’t be easy for her husband to end it because he is committed as the relationship is satisfying, stable and he feels at home with the other lady.

This other relationship of her husband is making Lynda and her husband isolated from each other and the marriage dying of a slow death….

From Method 2 (9 Cards Lenormand Line Spread):-

Lynda’s husband is having a sexual relationship with a wealthy business lady. Amidst shrouded in secrecy the relationship between Lynda’s husband and the other lady is not just a fling but a strong bond of togetherness, nurturing and a sense of familiarity between them. This lady is from his past, someone that was together with him in a working capacity. Lynda and her husband are not only isolated emotionally from each other but they are also not having any sexual intimacy.

This relationship comes as shocking news to Lynda (infact since I know Lynda and her husband I too am shocked…”Still water does run deep!”). Looks like its a slow process of death for Lynda’s marriage and abandonment of commitment between husband and wife (Letter and Coffin). This marriage even if Lynda and her husband are not legally divorced …they are emotionally distant and isolated and looks like it won’t be easy for Lynda to save her failing marriage.

*Using these 2 methods together, a lot more info can be obtained from a single reading.
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