Will Fey’s House Sale Go Through? – Lenormand Using 3X3 Spread and Grand Tableau

07 Nov

Yesterday was a public holiday here in Malaysia. Its the Maal Hijrah celebrations which marked the beginning of the Islamic calendar. Because of our multi racial population there’s all kind festivities and holidays all throughout the year. Its good to be able to have something to celebrate about BUT I personally feel that we Malaysians are getting to be too much in a celebrative mood and not as industrious as we should be. “Too Much Of A Good Thing Is Never Healthy!”.

The number of public holidays in Malaysia is about 20+ days, not counting state holidays which may account for one or two more. If you look around at Supermarkets, Retail Outlets, Factories, etc…we have lot and lots of foreign workers…OUR people are not interested to work…MORE enjoyment and expecting handouts from the Government!

Of course our Government indirectly support this sort of thing so that the people who are lazy continue supporting them “the politicians” that they can keep on plundering the Nations wealth. Giving the ordinary citizens bits and pieces..morsels of goodies while the elite get fatten up! So far..the corrupt politicians are still in power even though they have been exposed….

ARE we MALAYSIANS heading to become ZIMBABWEANS? I don’t see a bright future for the nation in the next decade or two….Too much of the nations wealth is in the hands of the very few selected people who are proxies for the ruling party. Malaysians had better watch out otherwise the “good life” will end sooner than’ll be like the Tower card in Tarot.

My Chilli Crab Dinner

Ok enough of my ramblings about politics…as I was saying, yesterday was a holiday and decided to cook Chilli Crabs for dinner. Chilli Crabs is a popular tasty hawker fare. Its crabs stir fried in garlic, ginger and pounded dried chillies..served hot with some cucumber and lettuce…Mmm..Yummy!

The crab I use is “Ketam Bunga” a saltwater crab also known locally as Flower Crab or Sea Crab. It’ll be lovely if I can share with you but nevertheless below is the photo of this delightful dish I cooked..


Sam 1243-1

As  luck would have it, as I was cooking my cousin Fay called and would like to drop by to visit me. I invited her over for dinner as I know that she loves this dish very much. To me, its always good luck when a guest joins us for lunch or dinner as in our tradition we believe that every guest will bring along good fortune to the household…especially if the food being served happened to be his/her favourite!  Of course I do get guest coming over when I’m on a diet and they then have to share with me whatever salad or water biscuit I’m having for that particular meal..ha..ha…

Fay’s Reading

After dinner, as Fay and I started chatting…(she’s going through a tough period in her life at this moment). A new troublesome 2nd marriage, failing business…… The subject of her house came into topic. Fay has a lovely bungalow at an upscale neighbourhood in Kuala Lumpur. Sadly it has to go… Recently a buyer was interested and loans approved but Fay seems unsettled about the deal. I know she’s not telling me everything (this house belongs to both her and her ex, she somehow manage to get her ex to let go of his portion to be used for the children’s education fund). How do I know that things are not above board? Because she seems worried about the lawyer dealing with the sale and purchase of her house. To me if one is honest and everything is upfront, and you deal with a reputable lawyer from a reputable law firm, you should have peace of mind. This is from my own personal experience because I invest in real estate and as long as the buyers loan is approved..Whats there to worry?

Anyway, she requested a reading for her predicament. She says that the buyers loan has been approved and she’s just waiting for the bank to disburse the payment. However she is still worried.

I decided to use my trusted Lenormand cards for this reading.

QUESTION: The Situation Of the Deal for the sale of Fey’s House?

METHOD: 2 Spreads was used.

1] 3×3 Lenormand Spread with “House” Interpretation and

2] Grand Tableau with card House as Significator

The Situation Of the Deal for the sale of Fey’s House?

Divination Spreads2.001

*A significator was not predetermined. Inset is another set of Lenormand cards shuffled, cut and dealt as the basis for the “House” interpretation.

Central Card:

The central card (dog) in the house of clouds as the central theme here speaks of issues regarding trust and loyalty. It seems Fay had better watch out as there could be misplaced trust here. The person regarded as a friend is shady and not upfront. The dog here could suggest her lawyer. The cards (Tower+Book+Dog) also cards (Rod+Dog+Tower) can describe a man whose in the legal field.


Cards(Owl+Dog+Moon) can speak about shady wheeling and dealings going on. Owls in the house of Fox shows sly and cunning discussions with a shady lawyer (Dog+Clouds) regarding an emotion based decision or choice (Moon in the house of The Path). This could be Feys own discussion with her lawyer about tricking her ex husband and trapping him into letting go of his share regarding the sales of the house?

Cards(Rod+Dog+Tower), Looks like there will be a big quarrel and aggression with a shady man regarding a legal contract. Rods in the house of The Scythe shows sudden aggression and big quarrels while Tower in the house of The Books can show legal document.

*Its very interesting to see that both the Rods and The Scythe cards are present as “Houses” as well as in the actual layout and that there’re in each others “house”…BIG FIGHT…Guaranteed!

Vertical Middle Column:

At this point, moving off to a new housing area (Stork in the house of Garden) is unlikely because Fey will receive some very depressing news (Coffin in the house of The Rider). Could it be that she did not get the money from the sales of the house?

Furthermore The Stork card is being sandwiched by the Owl and the Rods and this can be interpreted as the slyness and cunningness pact (Owl in the house of the Fox) has backfired and caused a great big fight (Rods in the house of The Scythe).

Horizontal Middle Column:

Cards(Book+Dog+Scythe) talks about the secret deal about money(Book in the house of the Fish) with the shady trusted man(Dog in the house of the Clouds) results in a big fight (Scythe in the house of the Rod).

Conclusion For The 3X3 Spread:

Fey working hand in hand with the dubious lawyer whom she acknowledges as a friend in trying to outsmart her ex husband from getting his portion of the share is going to backfire. I must say that this lawyer friend of hers is 2 timing her and it can result in her not getting anything from the house sales.

*Never ever work with unscrupulous people (or the Devil) because these characters will eat you back. If someone can cohort with you in slyness…don’t have anything to do with him/her even if its your best friend! Honesty and fairness is always the best way in all dealings.

To further ensure and substantiate this reading and to glean more information I did a Grand Tableau and look for the card House as significator for Fey’s sale of her house.

2nd Spread: Grand Tableau

*Insert cards are the "House Interpretations"

*Inset cards are the “House Interpretations”

The House card falls smack in the middle line of the GT. Alls unwell. Here again the same theme seems to be running. The House card falls in the house of the Fox with the snake atop it and the mice on its right. By knighting the House meets the Coffin and the Scythe. Looks like Fey will get a distressing shocking news regarding the house. Coffin falls in the house of the Ring with the Tower on the left and the Fish on the right.

This distressing news is about a legal matter (Tower+Whip) regarding a financial deal (Fish in the house of the Book). Looks like Fey might loose money (Fish+Coffin) and its a large sum lost. By knighting FIsh to Mice and Mice card happen to fall in the house of the Bear denotes large sum of money.

Hmm…its very interesting to note that the Clouds card falls in the house of the Cloud. The cards(Path+Snake+Clouds) are all above the House. This can indicate that Fey’s ex husband(Clouds) instigated by his present wife (Snake) or could be his mother (Snake card falling in the house of the Tree) has change his mind and decided (Path in the house of the House) to legally fight for his share in the sales of the House.

Could the ex husband be in connivance with Fey’s lawyer? or could the lawyer in the 3X3 spread denotes not Fey’s own lawyer but another lawyer taken by her ex husband?

Whatever it is, it looks like Fey would be having sleepless nights ahead and things aren’t looking well in the financial area.

Lets see what happens in this saga…

*Our fate depends on our immediate behavior…people themselves bring about their fate and they themselves can change their fate; when they change themselves. Any loss or unpleasantness that occurs should stimulate us to think well about why this unpleasantness could possibly have happened.

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