PART1: Nelly’s Marriage – Whats Happening & Whats Going To Happen? – Using 2 Different Spreads with 1 Divination System (Cartomancy)

11 Nov

Hi friends, I was in my study admiring this  beautiful  bronze statue of “Lady Justice” (see pic).  I got this during one of my recent visit to Florence, Italy. Thought it nice to share it with you.


Lady Justice is most often depicted with a set of scales typically suspended from her right hand, upon which she measures the strengths of a case’s support and opposition. She is also seen carrying a double-edged sword in her left hand, symbolizing the power of Reason and Justice, which may be wielded either for or against any party.  The statue I have is that of a blindfolded Lady Justice. The blindfold represents objectivity, in that justice is or should be meted out objectively, without fear or favour, regardless of identity, money, power, or weakness; blind justice and impartiality.


What a coincidence, as I was admiring this statue, a friend of a friend called. My long involvement with various women organizations has garnered me lots of lady friends from all walks of life…The rich, the poor, the famous and also the infamous 😎

I was quite surprised when she asked if I can do a reading for her. I know her but we are not close, more of an acquaintance but nevertheless I obliged. Lets call her Nelly (not her real name).

According to Nelly, my friend says that I can be trusted to keep counsel and that my readings so far are spot on. I told her as far as keeping counsel she can rest assure BUT spot on is rather subjective because nothing is written in stone and the “dynamics of change” over time plays an important part when we predict outcome.

For me whats important in a reading is:
1]To get a “snapshot” of a situation, finding out its reality

2]Getting to know the reasons, the triggers and the underlying nuances of a situation.

3] When we can predict the outcome, then we can know what can we can  do to avoid it if the outcome is unfavorable or if its favorable how we can hasten it or take the necessary step to keep on making the outcome favorable.

Thats why I always say to my friends that divination should be used to empower us and not to distress us or make us complacent either.


Nelly is a very reserve and a woman of few words…she hardly smiles. Always sombre, distant and when she speaks its just straight to the point minus nicety and diplomacy. Matronly I would say. She’s ok but not someone warm and loving, hence the reason for me not that interested in wanting to have a friendship with her. We do meet occasionally during public functions or some fund raising activity. Her husband is a prominent top civil servant. Nice man I must say. Likable, approachable and professional.


This couple are not alike at all..I wonder how the marriage can stay on so long. They are in their late sixties. Probably they got married very young while studying abroad and being of the baby boomers era “divorce” is not a choice and rare. People in that era believe in the proverb that “you must lie on the bed that you have made”.  I wouldn’t want to be in her husbands place..huhuhu…



During the telephone conversation, I invited her over to my house for a reading. Nelly didn’t speak much. I know this is going to be a challenging reading for me because when a querant is so “closed up”, energy doesn’t flow easily between querant and reader. Anyway from the little that she disclosed I gather that she is feeling something amiss in her marriage. For this past 1-2years the gnawing feeling is more frequent. She cant pinpoint exactly what it is, there is no hard evidence BUT something doesnt feel right anymore in their relationship. Ok thats all the info that I got from her😕. In cases like this I know I have to do at least 2-3 different reading in order to get the full picture of the situation.



Whats Happening & Whats Going To Happen In Nelly’s Marriage?

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Spread: 3X 2

Whats It About? –

Nelly is having issues about love and respect between her and her husband. She is jealous and envious that perhaps her husband is extending his love and affection to someone else. The reverse 9♥ in combination with 7♥ says that her  husband could be in love with someone that he cant have. With this lady he is able to share the softest, most tender part of himself..this is what we really call intimacy, it does not only refer to sexual physical pleasures. The upright 7♥ describes a deep familiar connection based on the freedom to speak without censorship. There are no conversational taboos between these two. Their is an alliance that not only permits the full range of emotion but encourages it.


Present State Of Play

At the present, The combination of 2♦ and 7♣ indicate that these secret lovers are not meeting much, they are not often physically together. This is because they are being very careful about the whole thing. The lady could probably be married? Nevertheless their relationship is doing well because they are able to negotiate and come to terms about how best to conduct their relationship in a discreet manner. The fact that they arent in close proximity often makes it difficult for Nelly to pinpoint the fact that her husband has a lover. It confuses her…her intuition tells her one thing but she cant find anything solid.

This 2 cards describes the situation of her marriage as being ambiguous and with no real depth of feelings and emotions. Things get worse when they are physically near each other, they are not able to discuss or talk smoothly with each other.


Culmination –

Looks like in the future the relationship between her husband and the lover are only going to intensify and strengthen. They do all that is necessary to strengthen their relationship within the boundaries of limitation. That is to say that he will not give her up, she is important to him and that within the confines of whatever limitaions imposed on their relationship because of its secretive nature, he will do all that is possible to make their relationship sustainable.


6♦and J♠ combined also indicates that over time the relationship between Nelly and her husband will deteroriate further. They will be in an odd phase. The connection between them wont feel at ease and natural. It’ll  be tensed and uncomfortable. Emotionally they wont be on the same page.  The reason for the relationship getting from bad to worse is because of their defensive attitude towards one another. They interact poorly with each other perhaps because of long standing issues. The husband could be just sick and tired of her mannerism and finally decide to “turnaway” from her.


2] SPREAD 2:- Overview Spread

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This spread is my go to spread if I  want a simple concise  and general view or outlook at a situation. Its a good spread. Try it.


Step 1 : The cards are shuffled and cut. 4 cards are drawn by the “querant” and moved into the position one through four in the order they are drawn. This constitute the 1st row. Please refer to the picture above.


Step2: The remaining cards are again shuffled and again 4 cards are drawn, this time by the “reader” and placed below the 1st row into the position 1-4 in the order they are drawn.


Sptep 3: The cards are read in pairs according to each position.


Lets now see what the cards say about Nelly’s questiion. Are they going to collobarate whats been sayed in the 1st spread, or is it going to contradict? Perhaps it might even give more insights into the situation. We cant tell unless if give it a SPIN!


The Past:

Something has happened to one of them, ie either Nancy or her husband. This new development is rather beneficial to only one of them and not known or to the exclusion of the other partner.  Since this spread is answering to the question of a marriage, the 3♥card is saying that the happiness because of achieving a coveted “thing” is bringing joy to only one partner without taking into account what or how it will affect the other partner. I can safely say that this “joyous” thing has happened to Nelly’s husband because it is her who is unhappy and wanting to know whats happening to her relationship with her husband.

Perhaps the joyous thing that has happened to him is that he manage to find a new love…someone that fits his dream lady? If we take into account the reading from the previous spread under the position “Whats It About” the reverse card 9♥can also indicate a dream come true but not quite right (obstacles). Yes, there is collaboration here that says Nelly’s husband has found someone he’s in love with…..



The Present:

At the present, her husband seems to have checked out on the marriage, his intimate and emotional focus is towards his new relationship. He’s making plans, dreams about her and always plotting on how he can sustain the interest, affection and love of his lady love. The combination of 7♦and 2♣ also speaks about how stressful the marriage between Nelly and her husband.  Because of this constant communication and closeness between Nelly’s husband and his beau, it has given rise to uncertainties to Nelly especially the fact that he is no more trying hard to please her anymore (Ok I must admit that this statement I made because, I find Nelly a difficult person to please..can you imagine living with someone who doesnt smile and “stiff” day in and day out?). The fact that she knows he will never let this lady go and he prefers her to Nelly is distressful to Nelly.


Next Major Incident:

Looks like things will be moving from bad to worse. Nelly will be schoked at how rapidly her marriage is going to deteroriate. If Nelly persist to behave as J♠ as shown in Spread 1, looks like the way she responds to her husband and the way things unfold between her husband and the other lady is going to make this marriage worse. Combination of 9♠ and 6♦ speaks about the fact that as one relationship flourish and the couple becomes bonded closer emotionally, the other relationship suffers because of rigidness an not wanting to change the the flow. In this instance its saying that the smoothness and the compatibilityness between Nelly’s husband and the other lady is bonding them closer and closer day by day…whereas the relationship between Nelly and her husband is becoming more and more distant due to reasons of poor interaction between them, Nelly’s husband emotionally checking out and Nelly’s egoistice nagture not wanting to sincerely amend her ways and try to win her husbands hard.


The Future:

This marriage will reach an impasse. Nelly’s husband will continue holding onto the other lady, perhaps he is waiting for makes me wonder why since he’s so in love with the other lady, why not marry her? This makes me think that the other lady could be a married lady and that at present she is not ready to leave her present marriage to be with Nelly’s husband.  Combination of K♦ and 8♥ says that no way is he ever going to end his relationship with the other woman and that between him and Nelly its going to be a very cut and dry type of relationship. Where stalemates and tit for tat will cloud their relationship…all in all a very unhealthy relationship……



As can be seen here, with 2 spreads explaining a situation, it gives us more insights and it can guide us to ensure that our interpretation is not only off tangent but the answers to the question becomes clearer.

Since Nelly’s is so reserved and not able to give me much input, I think I’ll have to do some more reading to enable me to get the bigger picture of her situation.


Why the coincidence with Nelly’s phone call and The Lady Justice bronze statue? I say this because Nelly had always been someone difficult to please, unyielding, not wanting or willing to be vulnerable and cold. The very opposite of what her husband is. Life has a way of challenging you for the things you find difficult to “change”. Thats why its called challenges. Like water we must be able to adapt to situation and fit into our surrounding…otherwise we’ll have a rude awakening😟.

Thats why I like the concept taught by Eckhart Tolle. The concept of stillness and aligning ourself with the world we live in. Our “self” and the world are not separate but one entity. The power of now teaches us to be able to forego ego and and know that resisting the dynamics of change around us is not going to make things better, in fact it will cause us greater pain and misery. What is causing us to resist? its just our ego wanting to make sure that it becomes larger and this will separate us from the universe. To reach the stage of peace is when we embrace change and pain and when we achieve self awareness of knowing that everything is just a manifestation of a greater entity…it just a “form” and all “forms’ perish……..its fleeting, unreliable…an illusion…

PS: These Cards I made myself. The Cartomancy meanings on the cards are keywords that I’m comfortable with (by Chita St Lawrence-yellow coloured lettering and Leeann Richards-white coloured lettering).

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