Should He Invest In Gold Now? – Lenormand with 5 Cards Cross Spread

13 Nov

Today I cooked one of my husbands favourite dish “Udang Sambal Tumis Cekur” or Spicy Prawn With Cekur Leaves”. This dish is not only tasty and spicy but the aromatic cekur leaves (Finger Root Leaves) gives it a unique fresh herbal aroma…Hmmm so delicious..yummy😍 I learned this dish from a Malay friend whose Mother is well known for her culinary expertise….


Spicy Prawn With Cekur Leaves

The Cekur leaves came from my own herb garden….this makes this dish extra special.  Below is how the Cekur plant looks like.😄
Cekur or Finger Root Leaves

Cekur or Finger Root Leaves

During lunch my husband and I was discussing about our investment portfolio. . Because of the current global economic situation and of course our local economic situation….with Prime Minister Najib’s Government lavish spending of public funds, high corruption and increased national debt, my husband feel it wise to diverse more funds into gold investment. He is however unsure whether to invest now or wait till the price of gold decrease further.

After much reading and getting advice from our financial consultant, he still can’t make up his mind. One thing I admire about my husband is that he is not easily taken in by so called “expert” advice. He is a conscientious and diligent man. Because of his dilemma he requested that I do a reading….. This would be unheard of when we got married 30years ago! Being such a left brain person, he considers all this kinda “things” wooly and nonsensical.

Time and again the cards have proven its clarity and its ability to speak the truth. My husband is now a convert and find the cards an amazing tool. He says some of my cards are such busybodies.. Probably referring to the Lenormand and The Gypsy Cards😜

The question is:

1] Should he invest in gold now?

If yes

2] How much should he invest?

For this reading I’m going to use my new gilded reverie lenormand  by Ciro Marchetti. This card is truly awesome👍 The spread used is the 5 card Cross Spread

QUESTION 1:  Should My Husband Invest In Gold Now?




Combination of Moon + Bouquet + Fish denotes Compensation of effort (Moon) that promises joyful news (Bouquet) regarding a financial situation (Fish). So the answer would be a yes.

What Should Be Done:

The Tree card here is saying that it should be a long term investment that grows very slowly so my husband must keep in mind that this is  more of an “insurance” sort of investment. Slow and steady.

What To Avoid:

The Fox card here warns that He must avoid speculation and not easily be taken in by so called financial wizards who might make him go for quick returns. Or even not to be afraid by “scare” news and let go of the investment and end up either not gaining anything or worse still losing money out of fear!

Since the answer is Yes, that he should invest now. I did another reading for the 2nd question.

QUESTION 2:  How much should he invest?



Combination of Ship + Child + Mice says that he should trade or invest (Ship) only a small amount (Child) and bit by bit (Mice).

*Note: If the Mice card was the 3rd card in the 1st spread, then it would not be wise to invest because it can denote  a lost of money bit by bit. But because pertaining to this question in the 2nd spread, the Mice card here act as a verb.

What Should Be Done:

Again the Tree card is here, so yes its good for him to buy gold now but don’t expect immediate return or a windfall. Its a longterm investment. Just invest and foget about it and allow it to grow….

What To Avoid:

The Letter card here is a warning to avoid blindly believing news or information. He must not get influenced by news that can either make him sell his investment fast or to go into a rush and invest plenty at one go!


From both spreads the message of what to do and what not to do is similar. The readings are in congruence. I will advise my husband that its ok to invest in gold now. The investment should not be a huge part of our investment portfolio just a small part of it and invested slowly. He must not expect a windfall or short term returns. Its good to take it as a longterm “insurance type” investment more as a safety net…  Absolutely NO panic here nor Bullish buying cos this could cause him to lose his money…ha ha ha..I’m talking like an investment guru 😆

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