PART2: Nelly’s Marriage – Whats Happening and Whats Going To Happen – Using 2 Divinatory System (Cartomancy and Tarot) With Overview Spread

18 Nov

Hi friends. last night we had some guest over for dinner. I decided to cook some simple dishes. I love cooking and it gives me great pleasure when friends and family enjoy the food I cook. I made 4 dishes, Chicken curry, Lamb Masalla, Grilled seabass. For vegetables I made a simple dish of Kailan or Chinese Brocolli. Kailan is a leaf vegetable featuring thick, flat, glossy blue-green leaves with thick stems and a small number of tiny, almost vestigial flower heads. I cooked this with abalone and mushrooms in oyster sauce. Not forgetting white rice. Rice is our staple diet akin to bread in western culture.

As shown in the photo below, we Asians we mix our dishes in this manner. From my observation in the west, whenever I go to Indian or other Asian restaurants, other diners find it unusual that we order 4-5 dishes, place it in the centre of the table. My husband and I will then order a plate of white rice each and we share the dishes together. Westerners would normally eat individually one dish per person eaten with a plate of rice.


Ok lets go to our reading. Today I would do a continuation of my friend Nelly’s marriage. To freshen your memory, please click for Part 1 here. As I said before, because Nelly is quiet and reserved, I have to make a few readings to enable me to hone to subject matter. So during that one visit, I’ve made several different readings.


Whats Happening & Whats Going To Happen In Nelly’s Marriage?

To seek further insights and understanding to Nelly’s predicament I decided to use the Overview Spread using Cartomancy & Tarot

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The Past

Something happened in her marriage. The Judgement card here can mean that a her husband went through an awakening. Something happened and transformed him, giving him a new hope. This event brings joy and an awakening to all kind of possibilities in his life. Nevertheless paired with 9♣ it can mean that this awakening and joyfulness in his life brings about ethical issues. Possibility an affair? Its a dilemma situation😔

Pairing Judgement with 9♣ also points to the fact that “this event” happened in the context of work, business situation. There is a possibility that he met this other person in the course of his work.

The Present

Nelly and her husband are no more in close proximity…even though they are not physically seperated but emotional they are distant and far apart. When Moon in Tarot is paired with 5♠ it shows a relationship that has inner disturbances, perplexing and the couple has feelings of foreboding or dread for each other. The couple are no more intimate due to hidden and deceptive forces at play. Yes, the husbands new love interest has affected their marriage and the 5♠, a card of loss speaks about either a physical loss or emotional loss or both.

Next Major Incident:

The 3 of Pentacles card indicates that its unlikely the husband will give up the other fact he will continue putting his best effort and focus on the new relationship causing further stress to the marriage. Pairing 3 of Pentacles and 6♣ strengthens the fact that he is putting whatever effort he can so as not to lose the relationship with the other lady….Nelly cannot stop it.

Between Nelly and her husband there will be trust issues and lack of faith with their marriage.

The Future:

There is a possibility that Nelly and her husband can come to an understanding if Nelly is willing to work towards bettering her relationship, perhaps being less egoistic and also if her husband is willing to give up the other relationship, unfortunately…with Knight Of Sword pairing with 4♠ it indicates that healing won’t take place. Its doubtful and this couple will continue being torn apart.

Nelly’s Brusque, tactless manner will further alienate her husband who will treat her back likewise…..(unlike before where he will try to please her…now he doesn’t care).

*Thats why if we are so difficult to please one fine day our spouse finds someone else who is a pleasure to be with and he/she no more bothers to even try wanting to please us anymore😞

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