What Was Going On? Why Was He Careless and Secretive? – Lenormand 5 Cards Draw

25 Nov

As I was having tea my phone rang. I let it be because I was having this wonderful aromatic “Cempedak” fritters. This is one of my favourite tea treat. The Cempedak fruit is of the same genus as breadfruit and jackfruit. The flesh is sweet and succulent. It can be eaten raw or coated with a tempura like batter.

Cempedak Fritters

Cempedak Fritters

Cempedak Fruit

Cempedak Fruit

Later I found out that the caller was my sister who was upset with my 18 years old nephew. Because he not only did not inform his mother that he was sending a friend off to the airport BUT he left his new macbook air and of course it got stolen. All the while his mum thought that he was at my brothers house with his cousin😀. I can understand my sister being upset with him but I felt there could be more to it.

I decided to open up my trusted Lenormand cards to find out why is my nephew being careless and rather secretive about going to the airport because it is unlike him to be this way. I did a simple 5 card spread.

Question: What was going on? Why was he careless and secretive?


Middle Card: The Path being the middle card shows that the main focus or theme of the reading is about making a decision or choices.

Card 1 – (Coffin) shows a negative matter is at hand.

(Coffin + Tower) denotes an ending that brings about an isolation or loneliness. Together with the (Lady) card shows an ending of a relationship with a Lady. This relationship is of significance for my nephew because cards (Lady +Tree) can speak about a long and rooted acquaintance or friendship.

So it can be said that my nephew was at the airport to send off a significant girlfriend. And also that they have both decided to end the friendship for good. Ah! now I understand what has happened..he must have felt troubled and sadness thus the carelessness…and the secrecy was his way of dealing with this loss.

I decided to call up my nephew to ask him about it in a tactful and discreet manner. At first he denied it but finally he admitted that the cards have spoken the truth…..

I then decided to speak to my sister and advice her to be understanding with her son and not be too hard with him….

A young man with a broken heart needs time to heal…….

This is one of the many reasons why I love card readings, it enables us to understand a situation and we become more insightful and understanding towards others.😊

Till we meet again…on Monday 2/12/2013😘…(I’ll try to update my blog at least once per week)

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