Tea Leaf Oracle Cards and Lenormand Charms Combo – Why Was Ruby Asked To Pay For The House Deposit? Whats The Sister In Law Situation Like?

02 Dec

Yesterday evening my cousin Ruby came over for a chat. I happened to make Bubur Kacang for teatime so we chatted over some hot cuppa and this wonderful fragrant teatime treat….yummy👍

Bubur Kacang or Sweet Mung Bean Porridge

Bubur Kacang or Sweet Mung Bean Porridge

Bubur Kacang or Sweet Mung Beans Porridge is made by slowly cooking Mung Beans in Coconut Milk.

Mung Beans

Mung Beans

For sweetness and flavour I do not use ordinary granulated sugar but Palm sugar. Palm sugar is made from the sap of the Palmyra palm, the date palm or the sugar date palm and the nipa palm.

UnknownThe Coconut milk is not coconut water but is the liquid that comes from the grated meat of a coconut. The colour and rich taste of the milk can be attributed to the high oil content.

Coconut milk squeezed from grated coconut flesh

Coconut milk squeezed from grated coconut flesh

Finally for that wonderful fragrant aroma, I add Pandan Leaves (Screwpine Pandanus)

 Pandan Leaves (Screwpine Pandanus)

Pandan Leaves (Screwpine Pandanus)

Ok lets go to our card reading now. During our leisure chat, Ruby mentioned about her sister in law. Ruby’s sister in law is a businesswoman. A socialite and always in the media. Her business recently faced a downturn but she still maintains a high profile. She has a new business now. I’ve met her a couple of time and yes, looks like a well heeled socialite…alright😉

She’s divorced and remarried a year ago. Recently she sold her house. The day before meeting me, Ruby’s sister in law called her from Australia while holidaying. She wants Ruby to pay on her behalf for a deposit on a rental for her new house.

There was no mentioned of when she’ll be paying Ruby back. Anyway, Ruby being the soft hearted person that she is payed the amount requested to the real estate agent.

What Ruby wants to know is that why has she been asked to pay the deposit? Wouldn’t it be appropriate that before someone leaves for a holiday, the person would have made the necessary payments to secure her new place? Or she could have easily asked her staff to pay on her behalf using the cash gotten from her retail outlet? Or even why not wait till she’s back…after all she’ll be back this Thursday. Ruby is worried that she might not see her money for a long long time😞

I decided to help Ruby see whats going on and why she’s been asked to pay the house deposit on behalf of her sister in law. I’m using my new Tea Leaf Oracle Cards and My Lenormand Charm Cards that I made myself😊

Question: Why Was Ruby Asked To Pay For The House Deposit? Whats The Sister In Law Situation Like?


Middle Card:

The Scales from the Tea Leaf Oracle cards speaks about balancing something. Together with the Fish card from my lenormand Charm Card it means ruby’s sister in law is in a situation where she is need of balancing her finances. Could be a situation akin to “digging from one hole to cover another”. This can mean someone who is in a tight financial situation.

Corner Cards:

1] The Owl card together with the Coffin card can mean that ruby’s sister in law is a stubborn sort of lady and never listen to good advice. Perhaps it shows that her sister inlaw is devoid of wisdom. An unwise lady who has no foresight in doing things.

2] Barrel Card + Heart card can denote someone who is emotional and forever finding something lacking in her life. Her hearts desires is always found wanting…never fulfilled.

3] Tiger card + Anchor card – Hmm looks like she is now undertaking something risky in her business. Its either a make it big or drop flat faced!

4] Kangaroo card + Ring card – Can denote that alls not well in her marriage either. Marriage is unstable and the lady is unhappy.

In summary it can be said that because this lady is stubborn and does not listen to good advice, she’s made many unwise decision. Be it in the personal and business realm of her life. At present she is involved with doing something risky and taking a chance which might burn her. Because of her highly emotional nature and great desire for love she always feel a constant lack in herself and thus made some unwise personal decision causing her troubles in her personal life.

Inner Middle Cards (Cards 2,4,6,8)

1] Fair Man card + Gentleman card – This man has an important role to play in all this predicament of hers. I wonder who can the fair man be? Her present husband is quite dark? Perhaps it can also denote someone that she is dealing with business wise.

2] Cracked Cup card + Scythe – She is feeling very dissatisfied with her present life situation and looks like somethings got to go. Either she wants to break away from soothing or someone or something or someone is breaking away from her. Things are not going well for her.

3] Frying Pan card + Fox – Troubles brewing caused by deceit and betrayals. Either its her being deceived or her cunningness and deceit are the cause of her troubles.

4] Sea Horse card + Dog – This combination can mean A trusted friend involved in family matters.

In summary it shows that the relationship with a an important man in her life, probably her husband is not going well and has become a cause of great dissatisfaction. This relationship looks like it will be ending soon. A trusted friend involved in family matters or her personal matters (can be a lawyer) is deceiving her or perhaps she is working in cahoot with the trusted friend and this “scam” has backfired and is trouble brewing…

Row 1: Cards 1,2 and 3

(Owl card + Coffin) Stubborness to good advice regarding her relationship with a man (present husband) has caused her unhappiness and disappointment in love.

Row2: Cards 4,5 and 6

Betrayal and slyness (Frying Pan card + Fox) by others and herself has caused great financial (Scales card + Fish) misfortunes (Cracked Cup +Scythe).

Row 3: Cards 7,8 and 9

Her unwise risk taking schemes in business (Tiger card + Anchor) have caused troubles and turmoils in her private affairs (Kangaroo card + Ring) and family matters (Sea Horse + Dog card).

Column 1: Cards 1,4 and 7

Stubbornness and unwise actions have caused misfortunes and grievances in her life this too includes an unfulfilling marriage which will soon end.

Column 2: Cards 2,5 and 8

She is at present trying her best to balance her finances her marriage and her family.

Column 3: Cards 3,6 and 9

To fulfil perceived lack or unmet needs (not a true assessment but rather an emotional one because of the heart card here) in her life, she takes unnecessary risks. These ventures and plots have exacerbated manipulations and cuningness all around her and now she has more troubles than ever!

Left Diagonal: Cards 1,5 and 9

Stubbornness have led to unwise action. She took unnecessary risk in her business. This poor judgement have caused her financial difficulty and she is trying her best to balance her rather precarious state of finance.

Right Diagonal: cards 3,5 and 7

Unmet emotional needs and poor finances have led to a hasty marriage thats now another cause of disruption in her life.


I’ll say that Ruby’s sister in law is at present in an unsettled state of affairs. Her personal life and professional life is in disarray. Her poor hasty judgement, a rather emotional nature and stubbornness are her undoing. These have led to poor decisions and caused her failure in her personal life and her business.

Its quite risky for Ruby to loan the money cos there could be problems in repayment. In this situation, .if its me, I’ll only consider loaning whatever cash I’m willing to lose.

After hearing my explanation regarding her sister in law’s situation, Ruby felt sorry for her sister in law and asked me what sort of advice is best for her to give her sister in law. I told her that perhaps its best we ask the medicine card about this…. So friends, I’ll soon write an update in this blog regarding the reading with the Medicine cards.

😎 Till we meet again Monday 9th December 2013….Have a great week!

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♣UPDATE: As promised, the reading using The Medicine Card can be found here

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