Don’t Be An Ostrich ☛ Don’t put your head in the sand. An Eye Opener Using Grand Jeu Lenormand

16 Dec

Yesterday, my husband decided to cook for me my favourite “Sup Ekor Kambing Mamak” or “Spicy Oxtail Soup Mamak Style”. Mamak is a term, used in Malaysia to describe the Indian Malay Mixed community and culture. He learned this from a friend whose family owns one of Penang’s long established Mamak restaurant. This friend is already the 4th generation owner!

This soup has a wonderful spicy aromatic fragrant of cardamons, cinnamons, ginger etc. Spicec are first sautéed till fragrant and then beef stock added together with the oxtail. After being slow boiled for 3 hours, The meat is soft, succulent and rich with a strong spicy meaty flavour…Hmmm delicious!


Spices Used

Spices Used

Besides sharing with you my food of the week, I would like to share with you a reading I did for my friend Liza. Liza came over during weekend to look at my new Orchid blooms. She too love orchids and find great pleasure with it. Over a hot steamy spicy Oxtail Soup we chatted about family etc. I’ve known Liza since University days. Studious, bookworm type and reserved. Loves studying and definitely not interested about cooking and homemaking. Anyway, she’s been married as long as I have. Over the years I’ve noticed her main focus is her work (she’s a University Professor) and little else. She seems happy enough with everything around her. Her husband is loving, generous and an accomplished successful man. Her two children are both professionals, a lawyer and a surgeon. Everything seems fine and happy.

Whenever we meet she’ll request to read about her career and her kids, however this time she would like me to do a reading about something thats most important for her to know. I obliged and decided to use the Grand Jeu Lenormand. In my opinion its very important for us to know what Card divination method is best to use to answer queries. Of course all divination method can give us insights on nearly anything we want to know BUT the use of certain divination system far outweighs others on specific queries. Just like you can use a knife for cutting BUT a specific knife used for a specific purpose would definitely make the job done more efficiently with better results.

Question: What Is The Most Important Thing In Her Life That Liza Should Know About?


First Reading

General Theme Of Reading:

First and foremost we should see whats the overall theme of the reading. Middle card shows what is the most important thing affecting Liza at the moment. Since this reading is enquiring about something “hidden” or something she’s unaware about, a card from the Trojan War series as a middle card denotes some pretty serious stuff happening in her life which she has not given due attention in the past and is now beginning to explode in her face!

WHAT IS IT? Well, lets continue further and I shall show you the power of this magical cards to uncover and clear cobwebs in our life…..

Flanking the middle card on the right, there is the 8 of Hearts which is from the Unexpected from the unexpected series are hazard cards. So something unexpected has happened and is hazardous to her.

There are 2 cards from the Zodiac series and both are unfortunate cards. The 5 of Spades and the 3 of Diamonds are cards of losses. One card from the Hermetic Knowledge or Marriage series. With the 7 of Hearts as a marriage card adding to all the other cards of losses and war, I will say that alls not well in her personal life. A relationship is at stake (Card 1 from the Marriage series). Lets look at the details further.

*We start reading from Card 3 to Card 1 THEN Card 3 to Card 5.

Middle Card To Card 1:

The middle card is an important card because it shows us the major influences as well as the overall flavour of a reading. The 6 of Spades with the picture of the wooden horse entering the Gate of Troy here is a very serious card to have as a middle cards. It speaks about Irremediable deception which is not noticed till its too late! The Letter R denotes that this incident is of a forceful belligerent nature perhaps happening due to a provocation or impatience with something.

Arrow A to Card 2 ☛ The picture of a hampered young man further denotes the gravity of the situation affecting Liza caused by the deception. Barriers to overcome this misfortune and deception is insurmountable and the event occuring is of great emotional intensity.

Card 2: This card speaks about the fact that what has happened to Liza is of her own doing. She has failed to live up to the hopes placed in her. Her indifference attitude and lack of desire to act on a situation has caused her to not fulfil whats expected from her hence causing the deception and misfortune that has befallen her.

Arrow B to Card 3 ☛ This is the picture of Briseis, Achilles servant, watching the body of Patroclus. In not doing anything to right whats wrong and remaining indifferent to a situation, Liza has aggreviated the problem and allowed a 3rd party to enter…..

Card 1: The picture of an Alchemist pouring liquid dissolvent into the Philosophical Lamp denotes friendship and love given to someone else. There is a deep friendship that is not suspected by Liza. Looks like there is 3rd party involvement in her marriage. Rubeus as the Geomaticon in this card denotes Lust and Addiction. While the Dhalia flower as the flower symbol means discretion. Is Liza’s husband having another love in his life…an affair?

Arrow C to Card 2 ☛ The small picture here shows a hunter without game meaning that there is nothing that Liza can do to stop or prevent the the love relationship between her husband and the other lady.

Arrow D to Card 1 ☛ Because of her indifference attitude towards her husband and marriage ,Liza’s failure to live up to her husbands hope has brought about an important gift to her husbands life bringing him much happiness (The small picture of a messenger bringing a parcel).

First Reading

First Reading

Middle Card To Card 5:

Arrow E to Card 4 ☛ The deception brought about by Liza’s attitude in her marriage would bring about someone else’s gain. The picture of a flame above the grave speaks about joy or gain from someones departure.

Card 4: The main picture is that of a pond surrounded by grass, above which an eagle abducts a toad. This denote departure of a loved one. Liza have literally “Lost” her husband. Not necessarily a physical lost can also imply lost of love. They can literally be lawfully married but his heart and soul is no more in it so this the same meaning as a “death”.

Arrow F to Card 3 ☛ The small picture on the right is Pyrrhus, the son of Achilles on horseback. This denotes that all is not yet lost there is still hope and a solution can be found. Perhaps there are are barriers to Liza’s husband being together with his lover and if Liza can mend her ways and do whats necessary to win her husbands affection…there could still be some hope left.

Card 5: This cards speaks about and describes a union. The large image is of Castor and Pollux. Their separation is close. Liza’s relationship with her husband is pretty shaky. There will be conflict, separation or isolation. Even if they remain married, there would be coldness and emotional isolation. This card is the emblem of suffering and sorrows of the heart

Arrow G to Card 4 ☛ looks like Liza would not take the opportunity stated earlier. She’ll not want to compromise hence giving in to the deception depicted in the middle card. This attitude of hers would gain more mileage for the husbands lover. The next card combination will further point to this.

Arrow H to Card 5 ☛ The picture of two palm trees in the desert not touching each other in conjuction with the large picture of Card 4 would indicate that Liza has “lost” her husband and they will be distant and non communicative, isolated and she’ll feel profound loneliness.

Arrow I ➤ There nothing much that Liza can do about her husbands relationship with the other lady. Theirs is a happy relationship and to him she is an important gift in his life.

Arrow J ➤ Its too late for Liza. Her indifference attitude has open the doors to her marriage ajar and now its been made worse by a 3rd party involvement. Liza is helpless and the barriers to regain her husbands love and affection is insurmountable.

Arrow K ➤ There is however a small glimmer of hope and an agreement can be found but unfortunately Liza doesn’t take the opportunity.

Arrow L ➤ FInally, the love is lost and the other lady won the total affection of Liza’s husband and thus Liza and her husband remain apart, cold and seperated.

NOTE: This general reading has pointed to us the area of neglect in Liza’s life. Her undoings and how its affected her marriage. To further strengthen this reading and “confirm” the situation, its best to do a 3rd party reading on her husband. In my personal opinion whenever I do a relationship reading whether personal or business, I find it best to do a 2 way reading. This is because the dynamics of a relationship is between 2 people and if we do not do a 3rd party reading we might not be able to get a true picture of all the factors involved hence our conclusion regarding that particular relationship might not represent the true reality.


Second Reading

Question: What is the Situation of Mr A’s (Liza’s Husband) Marriage and His Relationship With His Wife(Liza)?

Second Reading

Second Reading

Theme Of Reading:

First and foremost we should see whats the overall theme of the reading. There are 3 cards of Hermatic knowledge or Marriage group(Cards 2, 4 and 5) and 2 card from the Unexpected or Hazard group(Cards 1 and 3). So it can be said that at this moment the area of his personal life is important to him… There is something unexpected happening that is bringing changes to his marriage and his relationship with his wife Liza.

*We start reading from Card 3 to Card 1 THEN Card 3 to Card 5.

Middle Card TO Card 1:

Middle card gives the flavour of the reading. It shows the main influence acting out in his marriage. The 2 of Diamonds is in the Unexpected group, this is to say something unexpected has taken place and is still taking place. A picture of a child seating on a goat denotes questionable behaviour and can stand for a start of something new. The letter P speaks about a discretion and the flower here can mean Lost of happiness and that Liza will soon weep bitterly over a vanished happiness.

Arrow A to Card 2 ☛ The small picture here of a lady receiving a man denotes that the questionable behaviour and the start of something new is regarding a prohibited relationship or extra marital relationship.

Card 2:

This card is from the Hermetic Knowledge or Marriage group. The picture of the alchemist bending over the Philosophical Lamp looking at the matter which is in turmoil denotes an unfortunate marriage having to be dependant to the whims of a woman. This indicates the unhappiness of Liza’s husband in their marriage. His suffering over her insensitive and self centred behaviour. His choice of marrying her is a poor one. The Geomanticon Tristitia speaks of sorrow, strictness and depression. Hmm Liza is a strict true. Alphabet B can mean inconstancy in their relationship with each other. The flower here means self giving, it can mean that her husbands sacrifices to make their marriage work or that Liza should be more self giving in this marriage.

Arrow B to Card 3 ☛ His unhappiness has caused himself to be closer to the other lady and he find himself unable to extricate from her (Young girl in front of Eugenie the goddess of birth denotes an action that is irreparable).

Card 1:

The card 4Spades is of the Unexpected group. Its a picture of Juno disguised as an old woman indicating Jealousy, wicked advice in order to eliminate a rival. This can denote how the close intimate liaison between Liza’s husband and the other lady has made her husband unaware of the subtle ways in which Liza’s rival have slowly and slyly eroded whatever love and affection he still have for Liza.

Arrow C to Card 2 ☛ This card linkage explains how the rival has manage to erode Liza’s husband needs for her. This is done by her making him see the reality of who Liza is. The husband is now able to compare and sees whats he missing in the marriage and the reason for his unhappiness in the marriage is further exacerbated. Her husband realises that Liza is just an intelligent woman and nothing much else to her merit and can’t make others around her happy…All brains and nothing more of value in terms of making a happy marriage. (The picture of a young woman writing in Card 2 speaks of this).

Arrow D to Card 1 ☛ As the affair progresses, Liza’s husband unhappiness and dissillusionment in their marriage and with Liza increases till it reaches a stage whereby her husband has lost all feelings for Liza thus further cementing the bond between Liza’s husband and her rival. The picture of Jupiter falling upon Semele like thunder whileshe is asleep denotes The thirst of jealousy is finally quenched)

Second Reading

Second Reading

Middle Card To Card 5:

Arrow E to Card 4 ☛ The questionable behaviour and start of something new mentioned previously for Card 3 will be a very unpleasant and painful news to Liza. Picture of a postman bringing a letter in Card 4 indicates an unpleasant news.

Card 4: The picture of an Alchemist pouring liquid dissolvant into the Philosophical Lamp speaks about Friendship and love given to someone else. The Flower Dahlia is a sign of discretion and Geomaticon Rubeaus is about Lust and Addiction. Its obvious that unknown to Liza, her husband has given his love to someone else and that he his relationship to the other lady is an addictive one..full of love and lust..such a potent mixture indeed😱

Arrow F to Card 3 ☛ However the love relationship he has with the other lady is not without its problems. Looking at the combination of the picture of the alchemist pouring the substance and that of the young lady with the fairy Mirais gives me a feeling that Liza’s husband is trying to find a solution to consolidate and strengthen his relationship with the other lady. The picture of the young lady and the fairy Mirais denotes finding solutions to various problems.

Card 5: The picture of the Alchemist looking at the matter which is beginning to transform. It seems that Liza’s husband is very satisfied with how the new relationship he’s having is working out and has brought about changes in himself. He has great admiration for the qualities and merits of his lady love.

Arrow G to Card 4 ☛ Combination of the large picture in Card 5 and the small picture of a messenger bringing a parcel in CArd 4 says that the Mr A’s new love is different from Liza and has admirable characteristics that brings him much happiness and joy. This relationship is important to him.

Arrow H to Card 5 ☛ This combination show that Liza’s husband has given his love and friendship to a lady with a pleasant character and artistic tendencies…traits in a lady much admired by him. (Picture of a young girl playing the piano in combination with the large picture of card 4).

Arrow I ➤ Liza, while being intelligent, lacks other appealing qualities hence the other lady is able to gain an upper hand and her clever manoeuvres have gotten her what she wanted.

Arrow J ➤ The extra marital affair of her husband is not just an affair but its a meaningful relationship for him and there is no way he’s going to end it.

Arrow K ➤ Looks like there is painful news for this marriage because either solutions can be found between her husband with the other lady or that the solutions hoped for to turnaround this marriage cannot be found.

Arrow L ➤ Liza’s husband is very much enamoured with the merits and talents of the other lady that he feels she is a gift in his life.

SUMMARY: I must say that sometimes we go about our life with our eyes closed or our heads buried in the ground. We refuse to acknowledge the unpleasant things happening around us. This can be due to

1] Fear of knowing the truth

2] Lazy to look within ourself and make whatever changes necessary

3] Ego and not wanting to acknowledge our weaknesses

4] Narcissism

5] Insensitive to others

Anyway, regarding my friend Liza, I did not tell her the complete “truth” of what I found from the cards but I advise her to have a look at her marriage and that perhaps something can be done to bring about joy and happiness between her and her husband. Sensitive matters like this is best dealt with in the most delicate and appropriate manner. Its not my place to shake the boat but a gentle nudge is permissible.

😎 Till we meet again Monday 23rd December 2013….Have a great week!

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