Emy Left Her Job. Was It The Right Decision? – Cartomancy Using Answer Spread

23 Dec

Hi friends, as we all get ready to end the year with lots of eating, partying and merrymaking its essential that some sacrifices have got to be made. So before the binging begins I’ve started on my “healthy” salad diet. I normally do this before and after any foreseen festivities. 3 times per week nothing else but salad😝

Don’t want to end up like our “beloved” Prime Ministers wife Rosmah…

Our Obese Prime Minister Najib's Wife😁

Our Obese Prime Minister Najib’s Wife😁

A mock advertisement about the dangers of over consuming sugar..he..he.. Goes to show how well loved our Prime Ministers wife is! Yikes…



See the difference??????? Rosmah with Michelle Obama..HAHAHAHA!! Rosmah must be the most detested woman in Malaysia. Do you know that hundreds of millions of taxpayers money have been used to whitewash her public image…Yet Malaysians abhor her. Don’t believe? Google and see…

Ok…enough of prancing. Actually its not so much about wanting to look beautiful, for me its health that I’m concerned with. Illness would definitely compromise once well being and quality of life. Of course even if we take the best care of our health and yet we fall ill than thats what life challenges are all about.

Below is a photo of my lunch…YUMMY..NO?

My Lunch😄

My Lunch😄

Today I would like to share a reading I did for a young 24 years old lady. I know her from my social work with young women. Amy had been working for the past 6 years in a good respectable company. Recently she was called up by her supervisor and sent for retraining because of her poor performance and work attitude. She was unhappy about it (presumably she felt that she does not need to be retrained and that there is nothing wrong with her work or work attitude).

To cut a long story short….she gave a 24 hours notice and left her job! So now she wants to know if she’d made the right decision. According to Amy, she discussed it with her new boyfriend and he supports her decision. She says he’s even promised to help her out if need be.

With this reading I use the Answer Spread with one of my own self made Cartomancy Deck.

Question: Was It The Right Decision to Leave The Job? What Happens Next?

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 6.03.26 PM

First Column:

This column indicates the past influence and the premise of the question. With the 6H and the JH together I will say that the reason for Amy’s poor work performance and work attitude is that she no longer focuses on her job but is being very indulgent in a growing and deepening emotional bond with a new love. She prioritises her emotions and is being led into a state of dreamy existence and making the new love the most important thing in her life…. From my experience this is quite normal for young adults, unable to know how to balance their emotions and differentiate between love and lust.

Being in this state, she refuses to acknowledge her poor work performance and perhaps too this new love of hers gives her the sense that the job is no more important as this new guy is her knight in shining armour and will take care of her for life. This too is quite normal in our Malaysian society among young girls. Most believe that marriage will give them the ultimate happiness and its the husbands job to see to their well being😩 Rightly or wrongly they believe the man will love them till the end and that their marriage will be happily ever after😳

Second Column also The Answer:

Combination of 8 of Spades and 4 of Spades is not a good outlook. Looks like Amy has made a grave mistake and a miscalculation! Her dreams will be shattered..most likely the boyfriend is not what he seems to be. She’ll be disillusioned. He is not going to take care of her in fact looks like he could even be scrounging on her!

Amy will be devastated and go through a period of instability. Doesn’t look like she will find a better job, one that she will find suited to her needs.

Third Column:

This column indicates future influences or contributing factors to the answer provided by the reading. We’ll the reason for her distress and unhappiness and the fact that she won’t be able to get a better job since leaving her workplace is because of too much indulgences in emotional love as well as enjoyment of the wrong kind as indicated by the 8 of Hearts.

Her poor judgement of character regarding the new boyfriend and his “bad” influence in her life contributes to her coming unhappy situation. THe King of Clubs as a pivot card speaks about how this man is a major factor in her “downfall”.

Conclusion: I would say that Amy has no one to blame for her bleak and distressing future except herself. Her inability to see the reality of a situation, inability to temper her emotions and unwillingness to discipline herself is her undoing.

How true the saying “As you make your bed, so you must lie in it.”😰

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