Wishing My Dear Friends A Happy New Year and Merry Christmasūüėć

23 Dec


The Holidays are here again. Happy and sad at the same time. Happy because theres plenty of get together with friends and family. Sad because Malaysians will be faced with high taxes, increase prices of basic essential goods. High Increase of electricity tariffs…, Increase toll rates…all this will definitely cause an all over increase in living expenditure for us Malaysians.

Seems like even in card reading community, a power struggle is going onūüė≥. Although I’ve been reading cards for a long time, I’ve only start blogging recently. I can’t believe it that new blogs, new readers, non traditional readers and creative readers are being attacked by some old dogs! Perhaps the “Old” fear the “New”. Why the fear? If you are truly good at what you do why do you feel threatened?

As for me, I love both the traditional method as well as using ones own creativity. Theres plenty of card reading blogs owned by truly creative readersūüĎć. To them I say carry on with your creativity‚Ķdon’t let anyone bully you! To others who love the traditional method, yes carry on and keep tradition alive. Something that can last so long surely must have value in itself BUT at the same time do keep in mind that what you believe is tradition could itself be muddied or watered as its pass on from generation to generationūüėĄ‚Ķ.LIGHTEN UPūüĆü

A note for those “professional” readers who are full of venom and jealousy‚Ķmay the new year brings better tidings both for your financial and personal life. Resentment, hate and anger for others is not going to make ones life better. I laugh when I read about the war between “Traditional” method of card reading and “New” method. Why the fuss? Why the ego about who’s right or wrong? Whats important is everyone contributing something and its up to anyone whatever they want to follow.

1] Attacking other readers is not going to make you have more sales.

2] Stop being egoistic, don’t fear other peoples knowledge. It won’t make you look stupid if you acknowledge anothers creativity.

3] Does traditional reading method means better? Not necessary.

4] Who is to say that it takes at least 5 years of study for someone¬†to be able to offer readings commercially? C’mon..why not 20years or 30years..hahahaha. Doesnt make sense, I’ve read some of the newer blogs whose owners are professional readers with less than 5 years reading experience and I find their reading and understanding of the Lenormand etc just as good! . I’m not a professional reader in the sense that I’ve never charged a dime for any of my readings BUT I feel that these sort of “advice” given is nothing more than self serving, mean spirited and venomous. Not from someone who truly have others well being in their heart‚Ķ.WHAT A FAKE!

5] Stop being bitter‚ĶI’m sure you’ll find your life more rewarding‚ĶAbundance will come to you naturally. No Need To Poison Others.

*Whatever is written in this blog is of my OWN work EXCEPT for those that I’ve specifically said not belonging to me. None of my articles have been brought down for copyright reason or due to any Cease and Desist letter. Stop the slur and Stop picking on others. Learn to live in peace. You’ll be a much happier person ūüėÜ

Siapa yang makan cili dia yang terasa pedas‚Ķ…

Hahaha‚ĶHaving that out of the way…

I wish all of you A wonderful New Year and Happy Holidays….

Photos Taken At A Recent Pre Christmas Buffet

Photos Taken At A Recent Pre Christmas Buffet

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