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As I do and publish my readings here in my blog, I shall share with you whereabouts I got my cards so that if you wish to buy them it’d be easy for you. I literally had to spend hours in search of something that I want to buy. These places that I buy from are reliable and postage charges are reasonable especially Book Depository where postage is free. I live in Malaysia and most of the time the postage and handling charges is more expensive than the cards.

Tarot Of Dreams –  I got it from Ciro Marchetti website here. Reliable and fast delivery.

Tarot  d’Eltynne – I got it from Medlindaf website here. Service is excellent within a week I got the cards from France! Postage is cheap.

Gypsy Fortunes – I bought it as “Used” but the cards were still new, cellophane wrapped and unopened. Lucky me! I cant remember but I got it either from Powells book here or Alibiris here

King Solomons cards I got it from Itzhak Mizrahi website here. At that time Book Depository did not sell it but they have it now, cheaper because it comes in a simple box without other accessories.I buy most of my other cards at Book Depository here because postage is free!

Mystischen Kipper der Kipperkarten I bought it from here. Postage is reasonable and the lady is reliable.

All my Lenormand cards are bought from Book Depository here

My Gipsy Fortune Telling cards are bought from Book Depository here

The Oracle Of Vision is very new. Its so beautiful. I waited 1 year for it to be ready. I got it from Ciro Marchetti website here.

These Cartomancy deck I made them myself.

Oracle Ge I got it from R. Somerville Playing Cards here. The prices of cards is reasonable and the postage charges is cheap. Service is excellent.

This beautiful Kipper Oracle cards (Die Kipper-Wahrsagekarten)  by Marion Röbkes  are bought from Book Depository here

The Medicine Card is one of my favorite for introspection readings. I got these from ACMA mall here

These beautiful Il Vostro Destino Cards (made some adjustments to my scanned copy, namely border and the Italian caption). I got it from Alida Store here. Service is fast good and reliable…..lots of cards to choose from.

I Got these Loracolo Della Sibilla also from Alida Store here. Made some adjustment to my scanned copy (Border and Caption). Personally I dont quite like this cards because I find it too “busy” and distracting. Nevertheless it has its own unique charm.

These Modiano-Gypsy Cartomacie decks are one of my favourite. Also bought from Alida Store here. As usual, I made some adjustments in border and caption.

These beautiful Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards are bought from ACMA mall here

Symbolon Cards I bought it from Kinokuniya Book Store many years ago. Rich, Beautiful and Perceptive cards. You can find the website here

00Tea Leaf Oracle Card I bought from Amazon.

01These Rainring Cards I bought from here

00This Cartomancy Deck is self made😊. Love it!


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