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Advice For Anna – Pathway Spread – Medicine Card

Malaysia is a multi racial nation, we have the 3 major race i.e. Malays, Chinese and Indians making up the bulk of the population followed by other smaller ethnic group . Early november was Diwali Day pronounced as Deepavali here. It is also called the “festival of lights”, an ancient Hindu festival. We have a unique custom in our country whereby regardless of whatever race or religion, whenever there is a festival, the homes of those celebrating will have an open house and besides family, friends and neighbours are invited for a get together over a sumptuous spread of food and goodies. I look forward to each of these celebrations because there’ll be all kind of specially prepared food unique to the ethnic group available not only at friends home but at major hotels and restaurants too👍

A few weeks ago Malaysian Hindus celebrated their Diwali celebrations. Besides visiting the homes of my Indian friends I went for a sumptuous Deepavali buffet at one of the 5 star hotels in Kuala Lumpur.


Part of the huge collection of traditional Indian savoury snacks.

I had this delicious Mutton Briyani with Chicken Curry, Grilled Prawns and other Indian amazing Indian fare…..

I had this delicious Mutton Briyani with Chicken Curry, Grilled Prawns and other amazing Indian fare…..

Well lets get back to our card reading. Hope you still remember the predicament of my cousin Ruby? regarding the loan of money? If you’d like to refresh your memory please click here. As I mentioned in my previous post, Ruby would like to know how to advice her sister in law. So today I’d like to share with you the reading I made with the Medicine cards. I use the Pathway Spread. The Pathway Spread gives an overall information about a persons pathway in life. By using this ancient Druidic spread we can see our present pathway as well as where we’ve been, where we’re heading, what is challenging us and what we’ve completed. Once all this is known we can use the information to advice ourself or someone else.

Question: What Is The Pathway Of Ruby’s Sister In Law (lets name her Anna ) and How Can Ruby Advice Her?


The Past:

The Hawk Card appearing reverse here denotes that in the past Anna failed to see the truth in her life. She refuse to acknowledge the reality of her situation, refuse to right what went wrong and her failure to confront whatever is painful. She sweeps everything under the carpet.

Hawk medicine is about introspection, Self awareness and seeing inner truths. Its a symbol of observation and awareness. If Anna had utilised the power of the Hawk, lots of her problems facing her now could have been avoided.

The Present:

At present she is asked to apply the powers of the Dragonfly which is to see through illusion and awaken her true vision. Being in this period where the Dragonfly medicine is needed means that she must understand that life in never what it appears to be and that she must not be overcome by emotional needs. A balance between thought and emotions must be made if she wants to overcome the complexity of whatever she’s facing now. She must break down all form of illusions and see the truth in whatever situation she’s in.

The Future:

Looks like she must work hard and be industrious for her to have a better future than what she’s facing at present. She must watch her finances carefully and start storing for the future. She must give up on wanting to live up to appearances. There is no shortcut to financial gains, this she must understand. Perhaps overspending and short-term financial gains was the cause of her downfall. She has to focus, have patience and be hardworking if she hopes to get herself out of this turbulent times.

Lessons Moving Through:

With the Butterfly card here it shows that Anna is too much in the mind..forever flighty and changeable. One idea after another but nothing sticks. Unable to be grounded she keeps on transforming from one thing to another hence the reason for her situation getting from bad to worse. The lesson here is for her to know that she need to focus and not have all kind of grand ideas that is not grounded but rather a waste of time and resources.

Lessons Completed:

The Whale card is about being true to your own inner calling. This is to say that at present the universe have brought her “down” to earth. She must see the destructive result of her not wanting to be of her own true self instead of always looking for outside influences. On another note the Whale card here should point her to the fact that she’s untrue to her own inner nature but rather prefer to identify with things or ideas her ego sees as “the in thing to do” or will make her look “good”.

Whats Working For Her:

Its good that like a Badger, she is quick to act and has powerful aggressiveness. At this point in her life, this characteristics will enable her to do something about her present situation. Nevertheless she is reminded to to use this in a healthy way and not cause more harm to herself.

Whats Working Against Her:

Ah…her nature of pretence, hypocrisy and untruthfulness brings about her own failings and undoing in whatever she aspire. A Raccoon Card is about using masks and falseness as a disguise. Pretending to be what you’re not and hiding behind a false image.

I don’t think it’ll be easy for Liza to advice her sister in law Anna. This is not an easy person to deal with. Aggressive, self serving, self delusion, pretentious and unable to see nor accept reality. The medicine card shows someone who needs a lot of work to be done on herself. Anna needs to reflect and examine herself deeply and if she hopes to change her current spate of misfortunes she must practice self discipline and make the necessary changes to herself. Otherwise things will go further south and she’ll end up more miserable than she already is 😰

😎 Till we meet again Monday 16th December 2013….Have a great week!

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