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To Change Or Not To Change Insurance Company? – Using Lenormand Cards With Answer Spread


Hi friends! How was your Christmas? Must be enjoyable with all the food and merry cheers😃

I had a wonderful quiet celebration with close family and friends. Below is a photo of the Roast Turkey I made for our Christmas Dinner.

Christmas Turkey

Today I would like to share with you a reading I did for my cousin yesterday. Anne wants to know if she should change her Health Insurance from the present company (Great Eastern Insurance) to a new company (Zurich Insurance). The new company is giving better coverage at a lesser premium. However Anne and her husband is unsure of changing because the new insurance company although is a well known international company, it is relatively new in Malaysia. The couple are in their late forties. In the longterm, by the time they reach 65years, the premium with Great Eastern will be much higher than Zurich. Nevertheless, they are worried if they change now, and if Zurich Insurance Malaysia can’t last long and they happen to past 60 years of age and have health ailments
for sure no other insurance company would want to cover them. Its a predicamentđŸ˜«

Question: Should Anne and Her Husband Change Their Insurance Company?

My Self Made Lenormand Cards

My Self Made Lenormand Cards

Column 1:

This column indicates past influences or the premise of the question. With Cards (Heart) + (Coffin), it shows the couples concern for their future well being. The heart here shows their feelings (Heart) in relation to their health (Coffin). With this column confirming the Question we at least know that the reading is going in the right direction. This column is like a “check”.

Column 2:

This column indicate present influences and answers the question. With the combination of cards (BIrds) + (Clover) its best for Anne to reflect this matter carefully. There could be unforeseen difficulties that can cause them unnecessary stress. Furthermore the Clover card here can indicate that the “benefit” in changing insurance company could be fleeting and temporary. Its not sustainable over a long period.

Column 3:

This column indicate future influences and/or contributing factors. Combination of Rod and Snake is a negative one. As predicted by column 2, Anne should be wary and prudent. In the future looks like there could be disputes and trouble within the new company and the couple could have problems about their health coverage. Furthermore with the Snake card as the Pivot Card, it speaks about lies, deceit and treachery. It also points to insecurity and that the path of this new company is still not properly mapped.


Based on the cards. I advise Anne not to change insurance company. Zurich Insurance Malaysia is not a safe bet for now because with the Snake card as the pivot card, Anne should remain with Great Eastern as there are still unresolved problems within the relative new Zurich Insurance Malaysia. Zurich Insurance Group acquired Malaysian Assurance Alliance Berhad in October 2011. So its only less than 3 years in Malaysia. Its therefore not advisable for Anne and her husband to make any changes and risk troubles in the future.

😎 Till we meet again
.Have a great week!

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