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Symbolon Card – Thorough Problem Analysis Of “one’s self” With Regards To Present Situation Conflict

Hi friends. Been a long time since I updated this blog with some fresh readings.

My friend Niesa is a single mum with an 8 year old son. Divorced 2 years ago. Her ex husband provides for her and their child and pays for the house installment. The house is co-owned by Niesa and her husband. The ex husband remarried  and is presently going through a divorce with the new wife. Nisesa fears she might loose her house. This is because Tricia (the new wife ) had always dissaprove the husband for supporting Niesa and the her son. She had tried to dissuade him from paying for the home and had wanted him to sell it off.

I feel sorry for Niesa because she’s an intelligent, educated lady BUT has become complacent (left her job prior to marriage) and being dependent on her husband (now already an ex husband). I have pushed her to start looking for a job. Yes, she’s doing some part time consulting job and of course will take some time before she can stand on her own feet.

Anyway, I thought it best to use the Symbolon card so that she can identify her strength and weaknesses and see the reality of her “self” using “Thorugh Problem Analysis” spread. This spread will help identify the role of “self” in causing the current problematic situation and help us avoid the same problems in the future.

How Niesa contributes in causing her current problematic situation (Thorough Problem Analysis)

1 row] Problem definition, issue to be resolved

2 row]Action plan, What to do

3 row] Outcome, goal, mission

1st Card= What should this problem make me remember?

THE PREACHER card here is a reminder that in the past you have forgotten to seek inner guidance and have been too outward motivated. Externals were more important to you than seeking gratification and solace from within. You are asked to retrace your steps and to develop a more spiritual approach in life undertakings.

2nd Card= What internal personality is working behind the scenes here?

THE SERVITOR card reminds us not to blame others and accept our current position in life is because we are caught up in our own projections. What has happened is very much because of our own doing in not taking charge of our own life but depending on others, expecting from others hence the reason for the current problem and situation.

3rd Card= What do I overlook, so that it confronts me in the outside world as conflict?

THE SEDUCER denotes that you have overlooked the follies in human…in this case its your ex and his vices. It says about his obsessions with “bad things” akin to gambling with the Devil. Whenever he gets entrapped with any fucking bitches, he will turn around and the ugly side of him ie his monstrous hideous ugly head appear and he will do things that will hurt you and his son!

4th Card= What do I suppress, so that it is caught in shadows?

THE GARDEN OF SPIRITS card here denotes that we have drifted unwittingly into a reverie. We flee from reality by waiting for our dream to be realized. These kinds of dreams are like a drug, alienating us all the more from the world and those we find difficult to leave. They have lulled us into a false sense of reality. Above all else, they make us passive.

5th Card = What can I do to become more conscious of my problem? (Preventive measures to take so as not to repeat oneself into making the same mistakes and having to go through the same type of problem in the future).

The cards SEPARATION here means that you must learn not to be dependent on others be it a spouse or family or a loved one etc. Your path through life involves too much “we” and too little of yourself. The task now is to spread your wings and develop yourself so as not to be at anyone’s mercy.

6th Card = What will enhance my development?

THE SPITEFUL TROUBLEMAKER card in this position indicates that One of your inner personae is attracting others to exploit you without you realizing it. You must shed this characteristic within yourself. Have a good inner look at yourself and find which part of your personae that is doing this…destroy it! This personae is a menace to you…


7th Card = What could be the next meaningful step on my way?

BLACK MASS mean, You need to commit yourself: that means following a theoretical model (trend of thought based on principles of enlightenment and wisdom). Unless you find a model, there will be no insight or links to the whole at all. But you should also realize that (after a period of time) you can become inflexible and trapped in this model. So self awareness is very important all along the journey of our life.

8th Card = What can I actively do to solve my problem?

INCOMPATIBILITY card here means that the heart of the matter is a failure to understand human innate needs. In your particular problem is understanding the partner. Try to see things from the other’s perspective for a change. In order to do this it becomes necessary to devote more attention to the neglected aspect of your self than you have already done (you know best which part that is). You have to demand acceptance of your femininity from your masculine aspect or vice versa. Acknowledging the masculine and feminine side of ourselves will then enable us to understand better another being, especially a partner thus evoking better reactive behavior from them.

9th Card = What final purpose has my current conflict/situation?

THE STOCKS card here means that this problematic situation you’re facing is  natures process of revealing the truth to you. Truth of many things that you have avoided or swept under the carpet and not face the reality of your situation.

10th Card = What will I have learned at the end of this process?

THE LOVER card shows that your path will lead you to gather self-esteem. You would have learned to judge things realistically and to see them for what they are: they are nothing more BUT material things.

You would have learned that It’s no longer enough or worth it with regard to whether people still like you or can be won over…finally others will use you and manipulate things in order to serve their needs and their purpose not yours.

11th Card = What is the best thing regarding self-knowledge this problem will have contributed to?

THE MARIONETTE means that You hang by invisible threads. You don’t realize you are trying to conform to an image. Expressed metaphorically, you want to become a larva. You allow others to dictate who you are not you allowing yourself to grow as you wish to be. You were unable to distinguish between image and reality of people and situation.

12th Card = What will I have solved?

RESPONSIBILITY FOR CREATION means Now you are acquainted with the “Francis of Assisi” in you. You are ready to accept responsibility for yourself and your dependents. You would have learned that you cannot expect Matt to fulfill his obligations to you and your son. Insyallah, You will feel in harmony with your surrounding because once you take charge of your own well being and needs (be it emotional or material) you are no more at anybody’s mercy and wont easily be disappointed by others.

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