An Ending Of A life Well Lived – Lenormand 5 Card Spread

Hi friends. I’ve been busy for the past weeks. My 96 years old mother in law was admitted to the hospital. She’s been refusing food and water for the past weeks. We thought it best to admit her for fear of dehydration.
My mother in law is one of the finest lady I’ve met in my life. Loving, gentle kind to human and animals. A “Hero”..always willing to sacrifice herself for others. A true matriarch. In my almost 30 years of marriage, not once have she slighted me in words or deeds, infact I share 1001 wonderful memories with her.
She has raised 8 wonderful children on her own because my father in law died young. My in laws are wonderful people…I’m blessed.
Having a strong, compassionate mother who shows no favouritism has made my husband’s family a well knitted and supportive family. Marrying my husband and being part of their family has taught me a lot about togetherness, cooperation and loving kindness.
Yesterday, while sitting by her bedside in the hospital, I did a 5 card reading to find out about her situation.

Question: Whats My Mother In Laws Situation Like?

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Middle Card:

Middle card as the theme of this reading being the Bear speaks about an old matriarch. Strong, supportive and protective.
When paired with the 4th card the coffin it means that this strong healthy matriarch is being sapped of her life energy slowly and her physical self is facing an ending.
Paired with the 2nd card the house card is a description of this matriarch as a kind loving, stable and caring person. Perhaps it can also mean that she is thinking of her home and family and knows that she’ll be leaving all of it behind soon 😪. The bear card sandwiched between the House and the Coffin can also denote that the matriarch is leaving her home, her loved ones and moving towards her ending.

First Card:

The Garden card + House card can denote plenty of guest coming soon and it can also mean a change of residence (perhaps leaving the physical home and moving on to a spiritual home).
Garden card + Lily Card denotes tranquility and peace, perhaps meaning a tranquil smooth ending.

Second Card:

The house card denotes the family home and in combination with the coffin it speaks about death in the family.

Fourth Card:

The Coffin card speaks about endings and death. In combination with the Lily it denotes a peaceful ending of a peace loving, honest, pure person. It also means death due to old age……

Fifth Card:

The final card drawn was the lily card. This card truly resonate with me in regards to my mother in law. Before I delve further about the reading I would like to draw attention to the lily card.

The Lily and its symbolism


Lilies in Greek and Roman mythology
The lily was a symbol of the Greek goddess Hera (Roman: Juno), again showing purity and innocence.
► One tale tells of lilies springing up from drops of milk spilled from Hera’s breast as she nursed Heracles. THis is how the flower stands for mother hood and rebirth.
► Another tells a story of how the lily acquired its pistil: as Venus rose from the ocean, she saw a lily and, jealous of the beauty of the pure-white flower, created an ugly pistil that came up from its center, thereby marring its beauty. This story accounts for the lily’s additional association with fertility and eroticism.
► Lilies were associated with death as well, signifying that in death, one regained one’s lost innocence and purity.
Lilies in Religion
► In Christianity, the lily is considered as a symbol of chastity and purity. It is also associated with Virgin Mary. The leaves symbolized her modesty, the white petals represented innocence and purity. The stem was considered to be the symbol of Mother/Virgin Mary’s religious nature.
► The Anglican churches in England use a unique symbol of this flower — a lily crucifix. In these churches, Jesus Christ is either shown holding a lily plant, or is shown crucified on a lily. This symbol has its roots in the medieval belief that Jesus Christ’s annunciation and crucifixion took place on the same day of the same year.
► Fleur-de-Lis, a portrayal of a three-petal lily in France, represents prosperity and royalty. The three petals of lily are often used to depict a trinity symbol of Hope, Faith, and Charity.
The different types of Lily and its meaning:
► Tiger lily stands for courage and belligerent nature of women. It’s also known to represent one’s balanced and energetic life.
► The Easter lily stands for virtue, hope, and life. Legend has it that these lilies were created from Christ’s sweat and celebrate his resurrection three days after he was crucified, hence the name.
► Stargazer lilies symbolize religious zeal and belief in the Almighty. They are also a symbol of liberation of a person from obstacles and worries.
► Calla lilies are affiliated with both weddings and funerals. In terms of weddings, they stand for everlasting purity and honesty. Since it is also widely considered as a symbol of reincarnation, calla lilies are used for funerals and are seen planted in cemeteries. Like the water lily, calla lilies, too, belong to a different botanical family.
► Lily of the Valley is given as a gift for second wedding anniversaries and symbolizes elegance, calmness, and gentleness.
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Combination of : Cards 1+2+3+4+5
Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 4.11.40 PM
Guest will be coming to a Matriachs home (Funeral service) because she’ll be leaving her physical home into the next world. Her demise will be calm,  peaceful and serene. A life well lived till a ripe old age.

Quintessence Card:

With the Quintessence card being the Tree, yes it speaks of life and also of illness. With reference to all 5 cards, the tree here shows a life well lived. Long healthy good life and facing its final moments just like a big tree slowly being sapped of its vitality…..
I would like to share with you this article I got from here

Lifes Last Moments:

Symptoms and Signs that Death Is Near

  • One to three months prior to death, your loved one is likely to:
  • Sleep or doze more
  • Eat and drink less
  • Withdraw from people and activities previously found pleasurable
  • Be less – or if they are a child, more – communicative
  • One to two weeks prior to death, your loved may be bed bound and experiencing:
  • Increased pain, which can be treated
  • Changes in blood pressure, respiratory rate, and heart rate
  • Continued loss of appetite and thirst and difficulty taking medications by mouth
  • Decline in bowel and bladder output
  • Changes in sleep-wake patterns
  • Temperature fluctuations that may leave the skin cool, warm, moist, or pale
  • Constant fatigue
  • Congested breathing from the build-up of secretions at the back of the throat, which can be very distressing for family members. but which isn’t painful and can be managed
  • Disorientation or seeing and talking to people who aren’t there. The hallucinations and visions, especially if they are of long-gone loved ones, can be comforting. If they are pleasing to the person who is dying, it is best  not to try convincing the person that they aren’t real. Trying to convince someone who is pleasantly confused that a loved one isn’t there can make that person agitated and combative.

When death is imminent – within days or hours:

  • Your loved one may not want food or drink.
  • There may be little or no bladder or bowel activity.
  • Pain may show as grimaces, groans, or scowls and should be managed.
  • Eyes may tear or become glazed.
  • If not already unconscious, your loved one may drift in and out of consciousness. It’s important to continue talking to your loved one and holding his or her hand since he or she probably can still hear and feel.
  • Pulse and heart beat may be irregular or difficult to detect.
  • Body temperature will drop and the skin of the knees, feet, and hands will become a mottled bluish-purple. Once the mottling starts, death often occurs within 24 hours.
  • Breathing, punctuated by gasping starts and stops, will slow until it stops entirely.
  • For children and teens, the signs and symptoms are more or less the same as for adults. However, the course of dying is harder to predict in children. They often remain fairly active and ask a lot of tough-to-answer questions right up until the end is near.
  • In the last days or hours, your loved one may experience what doctors call terminal delirium: heightened activity and confusion often accompanied by hallucinations so distressful they may cry out, strike out, or try to climb out of bed. Since your loved one could hurt him or herself,  it’s important to try to stop it with medications or with other non-drug interventions.
Make sure the room is well lit, but not brightly lit; also make the room as quiet and peaceful as possible and constantly assure your loved one that you are there.
Ironically, in the last days or hours, a loved one may also experience a period of clarity and lucidity.
During the journey to death, the signs and symptoms of approaching death are unique to each person and his or her condition. Some people have a very gradual decline. Others have a more rapid decline, and their signs and symptoms are usually more pronounced.

When to Say Good-bye

One of the hardest questions is when to call in family members to say good-bye and to make memories for the future.
Family should be notified as soon as it becomes evident that death is approaching. This allows the care team to provide them insight about what to expect – both in terms of their loved one’s decline and their own physical and emotional reactions – and it enables family members to support one another and their loved one.
Don’t assume, however, that calling the family in means they will be there at the end. It’s often the case that families will sit late into the night, but the person doesn’t die until they have left, as if he or she was unable to let go while they were there.
Thats all for now. 😎 Till we meet again….Have a great week! 

UPDATE: Friday 14th February 2014 – My mother in law passed away peacefully at 6pm Malaysian time on Valentines Day. A fitting tribute for a lady that understands the meaning of love… I’ll miss her dearly….

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