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How Accurate Or “Spot On” Is My Reading?

Accuracy or “Spot On” is rather subjective because nothing is written in stone and the “dynamics of change” over time plays an important part when we predict outcome.

For me whats important in a reading is:
1] To get a “snapshot” of a situation, finding out its reality.
2] Getting to know the reasons, the triggers and the underlying nuances of a situation.
3] When we can predict the outcome, then we can know what can we can do to avoid it if the outcome is unfavorable or if its favorable how we can hasten it or take the necessary step to keep on making the outcome favorable.

Thats why I always say to my friends that divination should be used to empower us and not to distress us or make us complacent either.

When Do I use Reverse Cards?

I hate to read a picture card in the reverse position. So you’d ask how then I decide which meanings to use (reverse or upright)?

1] Intuition

2] It depends on position of the card in the spread.

3] Depending on a cards interrelation with other cards in the spread.

I only use the cards reverse when:

1] A spread with few cards

2] A Spread where ONLY one card represents each position.

When Do I Decide to Combine Different Divination Systems For One Reading?

1] Drawing extra cards can be counterproductive because you definitely wont be able to get a card that’s already been drawn. So the message that you get is definitely limited the more cards you draw.

2] Using another set of system as an addition gives us :-

a) The ability to cross check our reading, its interpretation etc.

b) To gleam more information from a reading. This is because different divination system has a different “language”. This means that some cards are chatty about gossipy details while others are more cut and dry stuff. There are also certain system that speaks about the psychological aspects of a situation or person in a reading.

In my opinion, all this bits and pieces of information carry the same weight and are very useful for us readers. With experience and intuition using these methods will enable us to give a more concise and sharper approach in our readings. These insight will also further enhance our readings and will definitely benefit and be moat helpful for the querant.

✦Before I end this topic I would like to bring your attention regarding how I read about relationships. In my personal opinion whenever I do a relationship reading whether personal or business, I find it best to do a 2 way reading. This is because the dynamics of a relationship is between 2 people and if we do not do a 3rd party reading we might not be able to get a true picture of all the factors involved hence our conclusion regarding that particular relationship might not represent the true reality.

Anyway in divination, there is no right or wrong way to do things it’s all a matter of choice and personal preferences. There are many paths you can follow to reach your intended destination. Whats important is to know your destination.

Good Luck On Your Journey —– Bless Be


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