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Gypsy Fortunes (Secret of the heart spread) – After the tiff, Whats the relationship like?

Background: Lady C just had a tiff with her lover. He would be attending a 5 day meeting abroad and his wife would be following. Lady C and her lover has a 12 years affair. Lady C does not want to leave her marriage but is in love with her lover. He promised that he will be in communication with her daily but she got upset..perhaps the feeling of jealousy? So she lashed out at him and later contacted me to find out about the situation of her relationship.

I decided to use the Gypsy Fortune cards by Lady Lorelei. This deck is a recreation of the Old Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards printed by Whitman Publishers in 1940 . Using the Secret Of The Heart Spread, the reading is a below:

The card at the bottom of the deck after making the spread is the Anchor card. The bottom card will determine WHAT THE READING IS ABOUT. The anchor card has two meanings depending on the other cards. It can stand for stability of emotions and that the relationship is grounded and safe. It can also denote a heavily burdened relationship but there is strength and courage and enough love hence the stability of the relationship. However if the other cards does not bode well, it could mean a dead weight and burdensome relationship. In this case I would say the Anchor card here is positive in its outlook.

Row 1 ( What the relationship Looks Like On The Surface) – The Cloud card [20] next to The Bride card [35](Bride card here would represent Lady C’s hopefulness and romantic passionate romance), being next to each other denotes the dreams and wishes of Lady C. The light and dark clouds depicted in the Cloud card can also indicate a storm soon to come or one just passing. Because the light side ins next to the Bride card, I would say that Lady C should not be negative in her thinking and wishes for the relationship, looks like her dreams and wishes are well founded. The Mice card sandwiched between The Bride Card and The Letter Card indicates the worries of Lady C about losing the connection (Letter card) with her lover during the 5 days he’s away… Yes, externally I would say that Lady C is just imagining the worse. The row below this row will actually foretell the reality of their love affair and can tell if she has reasons to worry about.

Row 2 (Whats Really Going On in their relationship?) – The Heart card right smack in the middle between The Clover card on the left and The Clasped Hand card on the right foretells everything is fine in their relationship. Its truly an amazing lucky relationship blessed by genuine love and affection, emotional stability and The Clasped Hand card next to the Heart card denotes promises of the heart is well kept and the copule is enjoying pleasant strong bonding of the heart. Hmm….Lady C is truly in love with her lover and vice versa. No problems in the love and emotional arena!

Row 3 (What Will Happen?) – This relationship can be a lasting loving one because there is plenty of balance and they have The Sun and The Moon denoting happiness can be found because unhappy moments will be well balanced by happy moments! Looks like if there is anything threatening the relationship, the couple will be responsible enough to find solution to ease out problems in their relationship.

Row 4 (Outcome) – The Flames card here bodes well for this relationship. Flames denote passion, warmth and enough energy to get things done and making the relationship as fulfilling as possible. Despite constraints and burden they carry (because its an affair), looks like they will pull through because the strength would come from the passion and true love they have for each other.

NOTE: An interesting reading linked to this post can be found here. Its a reading regarding the marriage situation of Lady C’s lover.

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